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Sage Platinum Skills Quests

Create Converter


Inside the Sage Academy at 1 o'clock postion of Yuno
Go in and look to the right
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Scorpion Tail x 10
Horn x 7
Rainbow Shell x 12
Snail's Shell x 10
Blank Scroll x 4
Create Elemental Converter
Give him the items and he will teach you the skill. After that, you can talk to him and learn one more skill.

You can buy the Blank Scrolls from the Scroll Seller just next to him.

Elemental Change Fire / Wind / Earth / Water


Same NPC as above
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- Elemental Change Water --
Crystal Blue x 20

-- Elemental Change Earth --
Green Live x 20

-- Elemental Change Fire --
Red Blood x 20

-- Elemental Change Wind --
Wind of Verdure x 20

-- From Crystal Blues --
Elemental Change (Water) x 1

-- From Green Live --
Elemental Change (Earth) x 1

-- From Red Blood --
Elemental Change (Fire) x 1

-- From Wind of Verdure --
Elemental Change (Wind) x 1
You can only learn one of the four Elemental Change skills. You have to choose which element you would like to master and give him the right items for the corresponding skill. See the list of items for each skills.

Once you give him the items, he will teach you the skill.

Remember, you can only learn one of the four skills.

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