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Wizard Job Quest

Wizard Job Quest - Collecting Items

Catherine Medichi
gef_tower (111, 37)

At the top floor of geffen tower.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- -- Item Collection Set 1 -- --
Red Gemstone x 10
Blue Gemstone x 10
Yellow Gemstone x 10

-- -- Item Collection Set 2 -- --
Crystal Blue x 5
Green Live x 5
Red Blood x 5
Wind of Verdure x 5
Not Applicable
Talk to Catherine Medichi to sign up for the job quest. If you are less than job level 50, your first test is to collect a set of items. Get back to her when you collected the items, then you can advance to the next test. Raul Expagarus will be the NPC for your next test.

Mage at job level 50 can skip the first test and advance to the next test after talking to her.

Requirements: You must be a Mage at job level 40 or higher in order to start.

Wizard Job Quest - Questions & Answers

Raul Expagarus
gef_tower (102, 24)

At the top floor of geffen tower
He is standing in the corner.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
He will ask you 10 questions, each questions worth 10 points, you have to get at least 90/100 points to pass this test. After you passed this test, he will ask you to take some rest before you take the next test. Just talk to him again when you are ready for the next test.

There are 3 different possible sets of questions prepared for this test, here are the questions and answers of each sets:

Q #QuestionAnswer
Quiz Question Set 1 - Spell Quiz
01Which of the following is not necessary to learn Fire Wall?Napalm Beat Lv 4
02Regardless of it's previous attribute. What does the monster's attribute change to when you cast Frost Diver on it?Water
03When you completely master Napalm Beat, what is the ratio of the increased MATK using that spell?1.7 times
04What item do you need when casting Stone Curse?Red Gemstone
05Which of the following is NOT required to master Safety Wall?SP Recovery Lv 6
06Without the INT bonus, what amount of SP is recovered every 10 seconds when you have learned Increase SP Recovery Lv 7?21
07Using Energy Coat, when you have 50% of your SP remaining, how much SP is used when hit, and what percentage is damage reduced by?Damage 18% SP 2%
08How much SP is consumed and how many times can you avoid attacks when using Safety Wall Lv 6?SP 35, 7hits
09How much SP is needed when using Lv 10 Thunderstorm?74
10Which skill is most useful training in the Byalan Dungeon?Lightning Bolt
Quiz Question Set 2 - Monster Quiz
01Which monster can you obtain a slotted Guard from?Pupa
02Which of the following is the easiest monster for a low level Mage to hunt?Flora
03Which monster will not be affected by Stone Curse?Evil Druid
04When attacking a Lv 3 water attribute monster with a wind attribute weapon, what is the damage percentage?200%
05If a Baby Desert Wolf and a Familiar fought, which one would win?Baby Desert Wolf
06Which of the following cannot be a Cute Pet?Roda Frog
07Choose the monster that is weak against a fire attribute attack.Hammer Goblin
08Which of the following monsters has the highest defence?Caramel
09Choose the monster that's a different species.Ghostring
10hich of the following is not an Undead monster?Deviace
Quiz Question Set 3 - Mage Quiz
01Which stat is most important for a Mage?INT
02Which attribute does not have a 'Bolt' type attack?Earth
03Choose the one that does not relate to a mage.Good at selling stuff.
04Which town is the home of the Mages?Geffen
05Which of the following cards has nothing to do with INT?Soldier Andre Card
06What is the Mage good at compared to other job classes?Exceptional Magic Skills
07What is the INT bonus at Job Lv 40 for a mage?5
08Which item can't be equipped by mages?Cap
09Which of the following is the catalyst when making the Mage test solution 3?Blue Gemstone
10Which card is irrelevant to magic?Magnolia Card

Wizard Job Quest - Ability Test

Raul Expagarus
gef_tower (102, 24)

At the top floor of geffen tower
Same NPC as the one in the previous step
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- Monster Water Room (Use Wind Spells) --
Phen x 1
Kukre x 2
Vadon x 1
Cornutus x 1
Marina x 1
Marin x 1
Obeaune x 1
Hydra x 4
Marine Sphere x 1

-- Monster Earth Room (Use Fire Spells) --
Yoyo x 1
Deniro x 1
Caramel x 1
Hode x 1
Savage x 1
Giearth x 1
Piere x 1
Orc Warrior x 1
Vitata x 1
Mantis x 1
Mandragora x 6
Flora x 1

-- Monster Fire Room 3 (Use Ice Spells) --
Zerom x 1
Goblin x 1
Scorpion x 1
Frilldora x 1
Peco Peco x 1
Elder Willow x 1
Metaller x 1
Horong x 2
Greatest General x 1
Not Applicable
There will be 3 different rooms, each containing monsters of a different elemental property. The Room of Water will have monsters of the water property, followed by the Room of Earth with earth property monsters, and finally the Room of Fire with fire property monsters. You will have 3 minutes for each room. You must kill all of the monsters in the room to be able to advance to the next room. Remember to use the right spells for each room.

In some versions of RO, if you failed more than 4 times (in the water room?), he will offer you to bribe him with a 'Worn Out Scroll' in exchange for a pass.

After you passed this test, go to Catherine Medichi and she will change you into a wizard. You will get 6 Blue Potions upon changing job.

Note: Everytime you fail the test, he will give you a pop quiz before you can take the test again. Here are the questions and answers to the pop quiz:

Q #QuestionAnswer
01Choose the monster with a different attribute than the others.Cornutus
02Choose the monster that is not a looting one.Zerom
03Which of these monsters does not recognize casting?Marina
04Chose the spell that would be efficient against a Marine Sphere.Lightning Bolt
05Choose the monster that can move.Frilldora

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