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Crusader Job Quest

Crusader Job Quest - Collecting Items

Senior Crusader
prt_castle (45, 169)

Inside Prontera Castle
Walk straight to the third room (go through 2 portals)
Turn left, walk until you see a stair
go upstair
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- Item Collection Set 1--
Decayed Nail x 10
Daenggie x 10
Worn-out Prison Uniform x 10
Stinky Scale x 10

-- Item Collection Set 2--
Lantern x 10
Horrendous Mouth x 10
Rotten Bandage x 10
Jack o' Pumpkin x 10

-- Item Collection Set 3--
Skel-Bone x 10
Orc Claw x 10
Manacles x 10
Short Daenggie x 10

-- Or try bringing him these (eA only?) --
Chivalry Emblem x 1
Hand of God x 1
Not Applicable
Talk to Senior Crusader to get started. He will need you to collect some items for him.

If your inventory has a Chivalry Emblem and a Hand of God when talking to him, he will take the 2 items and let you pass the this part of the test.

After you are done with him, go buy a Rosary from Prontera Church and then head down to the Prontera Castle Basement to start the next test.

Requirements: You must be a Swordsman at job level 40 or higher in order to start the quest.

Crusader Job Quest - Patience Test

Man in Anguish

Basement of Prontera Castle
From the Entrance of the castle
turn right, walk until you see a stair
go downstair
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

Rosary x 1
Not Applicable
You will need to wear a Non-Slotted Rosary to enter the test room. You can buy it in the Prontera Church (top right corner of Prontera) for 15,000z.

In this test, you only need to use Endure (maybe some pots as well) and walk to the other side of the room. Do not hit any of the monsters in the room, you will fail as soon as you kill any of the monsters.

When you got warped out, talk to Man in Anguish for his confirmation of passing the test or re-test if needed.

After that, he will direct you to meet Gabriel Valentine in the Prontera Church for your next test.

Crusader Job Quest - Knowledge Test

Gabriel Valentine (Crusader)
prt_church (95, 127)

Left of the stage.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
In this test, he will ask you 10 questions. You must get at least 8 questions right to pass this test (for the first try you have to get 9 correct to pass).

There are 3 different set of questions. Here are the questions and answers reference from the eAthena script, official server might have them slightly different:

Q #QuestionAnswer
Question Set 1
01Which attribute is the most effective in atttacking the Undead?Holy
02If the monster is a Level 2 Undead, how much more damage does a Holy attack do compared to Fire?50%
03What item can you not get from an Evil Druid?Monk Hat
04Which Undead monster has the highest HP?Zombie Prisoner
05Which of the following monsters is a different size than the others?Drake
06Which card grants you tolerance to Undead property attacks?Orc Zombie Card
07What was the relationship between Munak and Bongun before they passed away?Childhood friends in the same village
08Which of the following monsters is not aggressive?Skeleton
09What is the name of the shield in which a Munak Card has been inserted?Amulet Shield
10Which of the following monsters does not drop Memento?Munak
Question Set 2
01Which of the following monsters is a different attribute than the others?Isis
02Which sword is effective in attacking Demon monsters?Decussate Tsurugi
03Which item is NOT dropped by Dokebi?Golden Hammer
04Which Demon monster has the most HP?Marionette
05Which Demon monster is a different size than the others?Ghostring
06Which shield reduces damage inflicted by Demon monsters?Shield from Hell
07Which attribute is the most effective on the Wind Ghost?Earth
08Which monster is different from the other Demon monsters?Whisper
09What effect does the Marionette Card have?Increase defense against Ghost attacks by 30 %
10Which of the following is an effective way to react when encountering a demon monster?Put Holy Water on a weapon and attack.
Question Set 3
01What level of 'Divine Protection' do you need to learn 'Demon Bane?'Level 3
02If your INT is 30, including INT bonuses from quipment, at level 55, how much HP does Level 5 Heal recover?440
03With Level 7 Divine Protection, by how much is your defense against the Undead increased?21
04Which of the following spears can attack Nightmare, which is endowed with the Ghost attribute?Zephyrus
05What level of 'Heal' do you need to learn 'Cure?'Level 2
06What is the attack speed when Level 3 Cavalier Mastery is learned?80 % of normal speed
07Which of the following is not correct of the Demon Bane skill?Only Acolytes can learn the skill
08How much SP does Level 7 Heal use?31
09hat status cannot be cured with the Cure skill?Curse
10What best describes a Crusader?One preparing for the Holy War.

After you pass the test, he'll ask you to go find Bliant Piyord in the Prontera Castle for the next test.

Crusader Job Quest - Purification Test

Patron Knight (Bliant Piyord)
prt_castle (35,151)

Outside Senior Crusader's room, just by the staircase.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

Holy Water x 1
Rosary x 1
Not Applicable
Each time you want to enter the test you, you will need a holy water. Just ask an Acolyte/Priest friend to make you some. Again, you must be wearing the rosary just like the previous test.

In this test, all you have to do is defeat every monster in the test room. It is recommended to bring HP / SP healing items as there are quite a lot of monsters in there. There is no time limit. If you die, you fail and have to start all over again.

Once you finish this test, talk to Patron Knight for confirmation of the passing. He will tell you to go back to the Senior Crusader Michael Halig to get the job change.

Crusader Job Quest - Job Change

Senior Crusader

see step 1
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not Applicable
-- For Job Level Below 50 --
White Potion x 6

-- For Job Level 50 --
White Potion x 12
He will change you into a crusader.

If you are at job level 50, you will get 12 white potions. Otherwise, you will get 6 white potions.

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