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Turtle Island Dungeon Entrance Quest

Turtle Grandpa

Turtle Grandpa

The house facing the town entrance in Alberta, he is in one of the rooms.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Talk to him, ask him to tell you about Turtle Island in the first menu options. In the next menu, choose '(~eyes twinkle~)'. Just listen to his story.

Gotanblue the Sailor


Near the dock and a few steps down to the water level in Alberta
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Cost: 10,000z for each round trip.

After talking to Turtle Grandpa, ( and if you have chosen the correct menu options), he will know that you are sent by Turtle Grandpa and will offer to take you to Turtle Island for 10,000z.

Optional: Turtle Island Treasure Step 1

A Voyage Log

East of Alberta, near to dock area.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Read the Voyage Log next to Jornadan Niliria. That is Jornadan's voyage log while he was on Turtle Island. At the end of the log, there is a co-ordinate marked as where he buried the 'treasure'.

Optional: Turtle Island Treasure Step 2

Skull Stone

eAthena server treasure location
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not Applicable Tropical Banana x 5
Banana Juice x 5
When you are on Turtle Island, head for the co-ordinate marked on the voyage log to get the 'treasure'.

On eAthena servers, the only co-ordinate is tur_dun01 X: 160, Y: 81. That is just a little north from the boat you got off. There might be other possible location for the 'treasure' on official servers.

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