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Gae Bolg (Gae_Bolg)
Gae Bolg (Gae_Bolg_)
Gaia Sword (Gaia_Sword)
Gaia Whip (Whip_Of_Earth)
Gajomart Card (Gajomart_Card)
Gakkung Bow (Kakkung)
Gakkung Bow (Kakkung_)
Galapago Cap (Galapago_Cap)
Galapago Card (Galapago_Card)
Galbi (Spareribs)
Galion Card (Galion_Card)
Gambler Hat (Gambler_Hat)
Game Ticket (Game_Ticket)
Gangster Mask (Ganster_Mask)
Gangster Scarf (Gang_Scarf)
Gargoyle Card (Gargoyle_Card)
Garlet (Garlet)
Garment Card Pet Egg Scroll (Hood_Card_Scroll)
Garment Card Pet Egg Scroll Box (Hood_Card_Scroll_Box)
Garnet (Dark_Red_Jewel)
Garrison (The_Garrison)
Garrison (The_Garrison_)
Gas Mask (Gas_Mask)
Gate Keeper (Gate_Keeper)
Gate Keeper-DD (Gate_KeeperDD)
Gauntlet of Hit (Gauntlet_Of_Accuracy)
Gazeti Card (Gazeti_Card)
Geek Glasses (Spinning_Eyes)
Geffen Tablet (Piece_Of_Slate_4)
Geffenia Card Box (Geffenia_Card_Box)
Gelerdria (Gelerdria)
Gemini Crown (Gemini_Crown)
Gemini Diadem (Gemini_Diadem)
Gemini-S58 Card (Gemini_Card)
Gemmed Sallet (Gemmed_Sallet)
Gemmed Sallet (Gemmed_Sallet_)
Gemstone (Gemstone)
General Egnigem Cenia Card (B_Ygnizem_Card)
General Rune (Runstone_Ordinary)
Gentle Breeze Guitar (Guitar_Of_Gentle_Breeze)
Gentleman's Pipe (Antique_Pipe)
Gentleman's Staff (Walking_Stick)
Geographer Band (Geographer_Band)
Geographer Card (Geographer_Card)
Geologist's Report (Geology_Report)
Gf Magic Coin (Gf_Magic_Coin)
Gf Recruiter Hat (Gf_Recruiter_Hat)
Ghost Bandana (Ghost_Bandana)
Ghost Card Box (Ghost_Card_Box)
Ghostring Card (Ghostring_Card)
Ghostring Scroll (GhostringS)
Ghostring Scroll Box (GhostringS_Box)
Ghoul Card (Ghoul_Card)
Giant Axe (Giant_Axe)
Giant Band Aid (Plaster)
Giant Bradium Fragment (Peice_Of_Great_Bradium)
Giant Burito (Vit_Dish08)
Giant Butterfly Wing (Great_Wing)
Giant Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia_C)
Giant Fly Wing (Giant_Fly_Wing)
Giant Fly Wing 100 Box (Giant_Fly_Wing_Box100)
Giant Fly Wing 100 Box (F_Giant_Fly_Wing_Box100)
Giant Fly Wing 50 Box (Giant_Fly_Wing_Box50)
Giant Fly Wing 50 Box (F_Giant_Fly_Wing_Box50)
Giant Fly Wing 500 Box (Giant_Fly_Wing_Box500)
Giant Fly Wing Box (Giant_Fly_Wing_Box)
Giant Fly Wing Box (F_Giant_Fly_Wing_Box)
Giant Hornet Card (Giant_Honet_Card)
Giant Spider Card (Giant_Spider_Card)
Giant Whisper Card (Whisper_Boss_Card)
Giant Whisper Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Whisper)
Gibbet Card (Gibbet_Card)
Giearth Card (Giearth_Card)
Gift Box (Gift_Box)
Gift Box (Gift_Box_1)
Gift Box (Gift_Box_2)
Gift Box (Gift_Box_3)
Gift Box (Gift_Box_4)
Gift Box? (Fools_Day_Box)
Gift Box? (Fools_Day_Box2)
Gift Buff Set (Gift_Buff_Set)
Gift Bundle (Gift_Bundle)
Gift Of Juliet (Gift_From_Juliedge)
Gift Of Lomi Ross (Gift_From_Romiros)
Gig Card (Gig_Card)
Gigantic Majestic Goat (L_Magestic_Goat)
Gigantic Majestic Goat (L_Magestic_Goat2)
Giggling Box (Giggling_Box)
Gill (Gill)
Ginger Bread (Gingerbread)
Ginnungagap (Ginnungagap)
Ginnungagap (Ginnungagap_)
Ginseng (Ginseng)
Girl's Bouquet (Girl_Bunch_Of_Flower_)
Girl's Bouquet (Girl_Bunch_Of_Flower)
Girl's Diary (Girl's_Diary)
Girl's Doll (Gril_Doll)
Girl's Letter (Girl_Fan_Letter)
Girl's Naivety (Gril's_Naivety)
Gjallar (Gallar_Horn)
Glacial Heart (Ice_Heart)
Gladius (Gladius)
Gladius (Gladius_)
Gladius (Gladius__)
Glaive (Glaive)
Glaive (Glaive_)
Glaive (Glaive__)
Glaris Doll Hat (Claris_Doll_Hat)
Glaris Doll Hat Box (Claris_Doll_Hat_Box)
Glass Bead (Glass_Bead)
Glass of Illusion (Glass_Of_Illusion)
Glass of Illusion 10 Box (Glass_Of_Illusion_Box10)
Glass Of Illusion 10 Box (F_G_O_I_Box10)
Glass of Illusion 5 Box (Glass_Of_Illusion_Box5)
Glass Tube (Life_Force_Pot)
Glasses (Glasses)
Glasses (Glasses_)
Gleipnir (Gullraifnir)
Glistening Coat (Coating_Bottle)
Glistening Coat Creation Guide (Coating_Create_Book)
Glitter Shell (Glitter_Shell)
Glittering Crystal (Glittering_Crystal)
Glittering Jacket (Glittering_Clothes)
Glittering Paper (Glitering_PaperA)
Glittering Paper (Glitering_PaperB)
Gloom Under Night Card (Gloom_Under_Night_Card)
Glorious Apocalypse (Krieger_Book2)
Glorious Arc Wand (Krieger_Onehand_Staff1)
Glorious Bloody Roar (Krieger_Katar1)
Glorious Claw (Krieger_Knuckle1)
Glorious Claymore (Krieger_Twohand_Sword1)
Glorious Cleaver (Krieger_Onehand_Axe1)
Glorious Cure Wand (Krieger_Onehand_Staff2)
Glorious Destruction Staff (Krieger_Twohand_Staff1)
Glorious Fist (Krieger_Knuckle2)
Glorious Flamberge (Krieger_Onehand_Sword1)
Glorious Gatling Gun (Krieger_Gatling1)
Glorious Gladius (Krieger_Dagger1)
Glorious Grenade Launcher (Krieger_Launcher1)
Glorious Guitar (Krieger_Instrument1)
Glorious Holy Avenger (Krieger_Onehand_Sword3)
Glorious Hunter Bow (Krieger_Bow1)
Glorious Jamadhar (Krieger_Katar2)
Glorious Lance (Krieger_Twohand_Spear1)
Glorious Lariat (Krieger_Whip1)
Glorious Mass-Production Ring (Krieger_Ring2)
Glorious Mass-Production Shoes (Krieger_Shoes3)
Glorious Mass-Production Suit (Krieger_Suit3)
Glorious Morning Star (Krieger_Onehand_Mace1)
Glorious Muffler (Krieger_Muffler1)
Glorious Pistol (Krieger_Pistol1)
Glorious Popularized Ring (Krieger_Ring3)
Glorious Popularized Shoes (Krieger_Shoes2)
Glorious Popularized Suit (Krieger_Suit2)
Glorious Rapier (Krieger_Onehand_Sword2)
Glorious Rifle (Krieger_Rifle1)
Glorious Ring (Krieger_Ring1)
Glorious Shoes (Krieger_Shoes1)
Glorious Shotgun (Krieger_Shotgun1)
Glorious Shuriken (Krieger_Huuma_Shuriken1)
Glorious Spear (Krieger_Onehand_Spear1)
Glorious Suit (Krieger_Suit1)
Glorious Tablet (Krieger_Book1)
Glorious Two-Handed Axe (Krieger_Twohand_Axe1)
Glory FB Hat (Glory_FB_Hat)
Glory FB Hat Box (Glory_FB_Hat_Box)
Glossy Hair (Glossy_Hair)
Glove (Glove)
Glove (Glove_)
Glove (Glove_C)
Glove Box (Glove_Box)
Glove Box (F_Glove_Box)
GM Handwriting (GM_Handwriting)
GM Warp Box (GM_Warp_Box)
Gnome Box (Noum_Bpx)
Goat Card (Goat_Card)
Goblin Archer Card (Goblin_Archer_Card)
Goblin Card (Goblin_Card)
Goblin Leader Card (Goblin_Leader_Card)
Goblin Leader Egg (Goblin_Leader_Egg)
Goblin Leader Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Goblin_Leader)
Goblin Leader Mask (Goblin_Mask_04)
Goblin Mask (Goblini_Mask)
Goblin Steamrider Card (Steam_Goblin_Card)
God Anvil (Black_Anvil)
God Furnace (Gold_Furnace)
God Hammer (Gold_Hammer)
God Mineral (Ore)
Goddess Of Blessing (Goddess_Bless)
Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch (Cursed_Lucky_Brooch)
Goddess Tear (Goddess_Tear)
Goggles (Goggle)
Goggles (Goggle_)
Gogo Magic Powder (Gogo)
Gogo Magic Powder Box (Gogo_Box)
Gogo Magic Powder Box (F_Gogo_Box)
Gogo Magic Powder Box 30 Days (Gogo_Box_1m)
Gogo Magic Powder Box 30 Days (F_Gogo_Box_1m)
Goibne's Armor (Goibne's_Armor)
Goibne's Greaves (Goibne's_Combat_Boots)
Goibne's Helm (Goibne's_Helmet)
Goibne's Spaulders (Goibne's_Shoulder_Arms)
Gold (Gold)
Gold Acidus Card (Acidus_Card)
Gold Angel Sculpture (Gold_Angel_Sculpture)
Gold Bullion (Gold_Bullion)
Gold Christmas Ring (Gold_Ring_)
Gold Coin (Gold_Coin)
Gold Coin (Gold_Coin_)
Gold Coin (Gold_Coin_US)
Gold Coin (Golden_Coin_)
Gold Earring (Golden_Earing)
Gold Lux (Gold_Lux)
Gold Ore (Gold_Ore)
Gold Pouch (Gold_Pouch)
Gold Ring (Gold_Ring)
Gold Ring Of Valentine (Valentine_Gold_Ring)
Gold Tulip Hairpin (Gold_Tulip_Hairpin)
Golden Accessories (Golden_Accessory)
Golden Accessories (Golden_Accessory2)
Golden Anvil (Golden_Anvil)
Golden Apple (Golden_Apple)
Golden Armor (Golden_Armor)
Golden Axe (Golden_Axe)
Golden Bandana (Golden_Bandana)
Golden Bell (Golden_Bell)
Golden Box (Gold_Box_)
Golden Charm Apple (Golden_Apple_)
Golden Crown (Golden_Crown)
Golden Feather (Golden_Feather)
Golden Gear (Golden_Gear)
Golden Gear (Golden_Gear_)
Golden Hair (Golden_Hair)
Golden Hammer (Golden_Hammer)
Golden Key (Golden_Key)
Golden Key (Gold_Key_TW)
Golden Key (Gold_Key)
Golden Key 1 Box (Gold_Key1_Box)
Golden Key 5 Box (Gold_Key5_Box)
Golden Korean Flag (Taeguk_Flag)
Golden Laurel (Golden_Wreath)
Golden Mace (Golden_Mace)
Golden Mace (Golden_Mace_)
Golden Ornament (Golden_Bracelet)
Golden Shoes (Golden_Shoes)
Golden Thief Bug Card (Golden_Bug_Card)
Golden Thread (Golden_Thread)
Golden Tiara (Gold_Tiara)
Golden Tiara (Gold_Tiara_)
Golden Tulip Flower (Gold_Tulip)
GoldPC First Box (GoldPC_First_Box)
Golem Card (Golem_Card)
Golem Egg (Golem_Egg)
Golem Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Golem)
Good Morning Star (Good_Morning_Star)
Grace Moon Cake (Magical_Moon_Cake)
Grampa Beard (Granpa_Beard)
Grand Circlet (Loard_Circlet)
Grand Circlet (Lord_Circlet_C)
Grand Circlet Box (Lord_Circlet_Box)
Grand Cross (Grand_Cross)
Grand Cross (Grand_Cross_)
Grand Peco Card (Grand_Peco_Card)
Grand Peco Hairband (Hairband_Of_Grandpeco)
Grape (Grape)
Grape Box (Grape_Box)
Grape Juice (Grape_Juice)
Grape Juice Herbal Tea (Int_Dish01)
Grape Juice Herbal Tea (Int_Dish01_)
Grasshopper's Leg (Grasshopper's_Leg)
Grave Keeper's Sword (Sword_Of_Grave_Keeper)
Gray Deviruchi Hat (White_Deviruchi_Cap)
Gray Drooping Cat (White_Drooping_Kitty)
Gray Hollow (Gray_Hollow)
Gray Mage Hat (White_Wizardry_Hat)
Great Axe (Great_Axe)
Great Bow (Great_Bow)
Great Bow (Great_Bow_)
Great Bow (Great_Bow__)
Great Nature (Great_Nature)
Greatest General Card (Greatest_General_Card)
Greaves (Grave)
Greaves (Grave_)
Greed Scroll (Greed_Scroll)
Greed Scroll (Greed_Scroll_C)
Greed Scroll 100 Box (Greed_Box100)
Greed Scroll 30 Box (Greed_Box30)
Greed Scroll 50 Box (Greed_Box50)
Green Acre Guitar (Guitar_Of_Vast_Land)
Green Ale (Green_Ale)
Green Ale (Green_Ale_US)
Green Apple (Green_Apple)
Green Apple Box (Green_Apple_Box)
Green Apple Ring (Green_Apple_Ring)
Green Beer (Green_Beer)
Green Bijou (Dragonball_Green)
Green Bunny Hairband (Green_Bunny_Hairband)
Green Butterfly Wing (E_WOB_Schwaltz)
Green Butterfly Wing (WOB_Schwaltz)
Green Butterfly Wing 5 Box (WOB_Box_Schawaltz5)
Green Butterfly Wing 5 Box (F_WOB_Schwaltz_Box5)
Green Butterfly Wing Box (WOB_Box_Schawaltz10)
Green Butterfly Wing Box (F_WOB_Schwaltz_Box10)
Green Charm Stone (Magic_Gem_Green)
Green Feeler (Green_Feeler)
Green Ferus Card (Ferus__Card)
Green Herb (Green_Herb)
Green Incense (Green_Incense)
Green Jenoss's Family Ring (Green_Ring)
Green Jewel Bag (Green_Lucky_Bag)
Green Key (Key_Green)
Green Keycard (Green_Key_Card)
Green Lace (Green_Lace)
Green Live (Yellow_Live)
Green Maiden Cake Box (Chung_E_Cake_Box)
Green Maiden Card (Chung_E_Card)
Green Maiden Egg (Chung_E_Egg)
Green Maiden Ticket (Chung_E_Ticket)
Green Maiden's Cake (Chung_E_Cake)
Green Petite Egg (Green_Petite_Egg)
Green Potion (Green_Potion)
Green Ribbon (Ribbon_Green)
Green Ribbon (F_Ribbon_Green)
Green Salad (Dex_Dish05)
Green Salad (Dex_Dish05_)
Gremlin Card (Gremlin_Card)
Grief for Greed (Bankruptcy_Of_Heart)
Grilled Corn (Grilled_Corn)
Grilled Delicious Skewer (Yummy_Skewered_Dish)
Grilled Mushroom (Baked_Mushroom)
Grilled Rice Cake (Grilled_Rice_Cake)
Grilled Sausages (Grilled_Sausage)
Grilled Skewer (Meat_Skewer)
Grimtooth (Grimtooth_)
Grit (Grit)
Grizzly Card (Grizzly_Card)
Grove Card (Green_Iguana_Card)
Gryphon Card (Gryphon_Card)
Gryphon Hat (Gryphon_Hat)
Guarana Candy (Guarana_Candy)
Guarana Fruit (Guarana_Fruit)
Guard (Guard)
Guard (Guard_)
Guard's First Proof (Proof_Of_Guard1)
Guard's Fourth Proof (Proof_Of_Guard4)
Guard's Second Proof (Proof_Of_Guard2)
Guard's Third Proof (Proof_Of_Guard3)
Guardian Angel (Protection_Of_Angel)
Guardian Stone Repair Kit (Guardian_Stone_Repair_Kit)
Guidebook Exchange (Guidebook_Exchange)
Guildsman Recruiter Hat (Guildsman_Recruiter)
Guillotine (Guillotine)
Guisarme (Guisarme)
Guisarme (Guisarme_)
Guisarme (Guisarme__)
Guitar (Guitar)
Guitar (Guitar_)
Guitar (Guitar_C)
Gulaman (Gulaman)
Gullinbursti Card (Gullinbursti_Card)
Gumoongoh (Guh_Moon_Goh)
Gumoongoh (Guh_Moon_Goh_)
Gun Book Basic (Gun_Book_Basic)
Gun Book Misc (Gun_Book_Misc)
Gun Book Practice (Gun_Book_Practice)
Gun Moon Gom (Guh_Moon_Gom)
Gun Powder (Gun_Powder)
Gungnir (Gungnir)
Gungnir (Gungnir_)
Gunpowder (Gunpowder)
GUSLI (Gusli)
Gust Bow (Gust_Bow)
Guyak (Guyak)
Guyak Candy (Guyak_Candy)
Guyak Pudding (Guyak_Pudding)
Guyak Shield (Guyak_Shield)
Gym Membership Card Box (F_Max_Weight_Up_Box)
Gym Pass (Max_Weight_Up_Scroll)
Gym Pass Box (Max_Weight_Up_Box)