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La'cryma Stick (La'cryma_Stick)
Laboratory Permit (Lab_Passport)
Lady Solace Card (Solace_Card)
Lady Tanee Card (Lady_Tanee_Card)
Lamp (Lamplight)
Lance (Lance)
Lance (Lance_)
Lance (Lance__)
Lance (Lance_C)
Langka (Langka)
Lantern (Lantern)
Lantern of Hope (Lamp_Of_Hope)
Large Cookpot (Large_Cookpot)
Large Firecracker (J_Firecracker)
Large Hisbiscus (Large_Hibiscus)
Large Jellopy (Large_Jellopy)
Large Life Potion 30 Box (F_M_Life_Potion_Box30)
Large Life Potion 50 Box (F_M_Life_Potion_Box50)
Large Magical Defense Potion 30 Box (FB_Mdef_Potion_Box30)
Large Magical Defense Potion 50 Box (FB_Mdef_Potion_Box50)
Large Physical Defense Potion 30 Box (FB_Def_Potion_Box30)
Large Physical Defense Potion 50 Box (FB_Def_Potion_Box50)
Lariat Whip (Lariat)
Laurel Wreath (Laurel_Wreath)
Laurell Weinder Card (Rawrel_Card)
Lava (Cold_Magma)
Lava Golem Card (Lava_Golem_Card)
Lazy Smokie (Lazy_Raccoon)
Leaf Cat Ball (Leaf_Cat_Ball)
Leaf Cat Card (Leaf_Cat_Card)
Leaf Cat Egg (Leaf_Cat_Egg)
Leaf Cat Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Leafcat)
Leaf Cat Hat (Leaf_Cat_Hat)
Leap of Fantasy (Secret_Medicine)
Leather Bag of Infinity (Leather_Bag_Of_Infinity)
Leather of Tendrilion (Leather_Of_Tendrilion)
Leather Pouch (Leather_Pouch)
Leather Rabbit (Rabbit_Skin)
Leaves Of Grass (Evolved_Leaf)
Leche Flan (Leche_Flan)
Ledger of Death (Death_Note)
Leech End (Poison_Leech)
Legacy of Dragon (Legacy_Of_Dragon)
Legend of Songkran (Legendary_Scroll)
Legion Plate Armor (Full_Plate_Armor)
Legion Plate Armor (Full_Plate_Armor_)
Legionnaire Hat (Soldier_Hat)
Leib Olmai Card (Leib_Olmai_Card)
Lemon (Lemon)
Lemon Dyestuffs (Lemon_Dyestuffs)
Leo Crown (Leo_Crown)
Leo Diadem (Leo_Diadem)
Leopard Claw (Leopard_Talon)
Leopard Skin (Leopard_Skin)
Lesser Elemental Ring (Lesser_Elemental_Ring)
Letter from Lugen (Letter_From_Lugen)
Letter from Otto (Letter_From_Otto)
Letter from Sister (Sister_Letter)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake15)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake16)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake17)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake18)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake19)
Letter Moon Cake (Moon_Cake20)
Letter of Recommendation (Letter_Of_Recommend)
Letter to Elly (Kyll_Hire_Letter)
Letter to Wife (Wellbeing_Letter)
Lettered Moon Snack 01 (Moon_Cake10)
Lettered Moon Snack 02 (Moon_Cake11)
Lettered Moon Snack 03 (Moon_Cake12)
Lettered Moon Snack 04 (Moon_Cake13)
Lettered Moon Snack 05 (Moon_Cake14)
Level 1 Cookbook (Cookbook01)
Level 1 Fire Ball (Fire_Scroll_2_1)
Level 1 Fire Wall (Fire_Scroll_3_1)
Level 1 Frost Diver (Cold_Scroll_2_1)
Level 1 Teleport (Holy_Scroll_2_1)
Level 10 Cookbook (Cookbook10)
Level 2 Cookbook (Cookbook02)
Level 3 Cold Bolt (Cold_Scroll_1_3)
Level 3 Cookbook (Cookbook03)
Level 3 Earth Spike (Earth_Scroll_1_3)
Level 3 Fire Bolt (Fire_Scroll_1_3)
Level 3 Heal (Holy_Scroll_1_3)
Level 3 Lightening Bolt (Wind_Scroll_1_3)
Level 3 Soul Strike (Ghost_Scroll_1_3)
Level 4 Cookbook (Cookbook04)
Level 5 Cold Bolt (Cold_Scroll_1_5)
Level 5 Cookbook (Cookbook05)
Level 5 Earth Spike (Earth_Scroll_1_5)
Level 5 Fire Ball (Fire_Scroll_2_5)
Level 5 Fire Bolt (Fire_Scroll_1_5)
Level 5 Fire Wall (Fire_Scroll_3_5)
Level 5 Frost Diver (Cold_Scroll_2_5)
Level 5 Heal (Holy_Scroll_1_5)
Level 5 Lightening Bolt (Wind_Scroll_1_5)
Level 5 Soul Strike (Ghost_Scroll_1_5)
Level 6 Cookbook (Cookbook06)
Level 7 Cookbook (Cookbook07)
Level 8 Cookbook (Cookbook08)
Level 9 Cookbook (Cookbook09)
Lever Action Rifle (Lever_Action_Rifle)
Lever Action Rifle (Lever_Action_Rifle_C)
Lever Action Rifle Box (Lever_Action_Rifle_Box)
Lever Action Rifle Box (F_Lever_Action_Rifle_Box)
Lex Aeterna Scroll (Lex_Aeterna_Scroll)
Lex Aeterna Scroll Box (Lex_Aeterna_Scroll_Box)
Libra Crown (Libra_Crown)
Libra Diadem (Libra_Diadem)
Librarian Glove (Librarian_Glove)
Lich's Bone Wand (Lich_Bone_Wand)
Lich's Bone Wand (Lich_Bone_Wand_M)
Lif Doll Hat (Lif_Doll_Hat)
Life Insurance (Insurance)
Life Insurrance (Comp_Insurance)
Life Insurrance 30 Box (Insurance_Package30)
Life Insurrance 30 Box (F_Insurance_Package30)
Life Insurrance 50 Box (Insurance_Package50)
Life Insurrance 50 Box (F_Insurance_Package50)
Life Insurrance Box (Insurance60_Package)
Life Insurrance Certificate (Insurance60)
Life Link (Life_Link)
Light Awakening Potion (Light_Awakening_Pot)
Light Awakening Potion Box (Light_Awakening_Pot_Box)
Light Berserk Potion (Light_Berserk_Pot)
Light Berserk Potion Box (Light_Berserk_Pot_Box)
Light Blue Potion (Light_Blue_Pot)
Light Concentration Potion (Light_Center_Pot)
Light Concentration Potion Box (Light_Center_Pot_Box)
Light Epsilon (F_Right_Epsilon_C)
Light Epsilon (Right_Epsilon)
Light Epsilon (Right_Epsilon_C)
Light Epsilon (E_Right_Epsilon_C)
Light Epsilon Box (Right_Epsilon_Box)
Light Epsilon Box (F_Right_Epsilon_Box)
Light Granule (Light_Granule)
Light Orange Potion (Light_Orange_Pot)
Light Orange Potion Box (Light_Orange_Pot_Box)
Light Red Potion (Light_Red_Pot)
Light Red Potion Box (Light_Red_Pot_Box)
Light White Potion (Light_White_Pot)
Light White Potion Box (Light_White_Pot_Box)
Light Yellow Potion (Light_Yellow_Pot)
Light Yellow Potion Box (Light_Yellow_Pot_Box)
Lightning Sphere (Lighting_Sphere)
Lightning Sphere Pack (Sphere_Case_Wind)
Lime Green Point (Lime_Green_Pts)
Linen Glove (Linen_Glove)
Linguistic Book Hat (Linguistic_Book_Cap)
Lion Mask (Lion_Mask)
Liquid Condensed Bullet (Liquid_Condensed_Bullet)
Little Angel Doll (Little_Angel_Doll)
Little Angel Doll Box (F_Little_Angel_Doll_Box)
Little Evil Horn (Petite_DiablOfs_Horn)
Little Evil Wing (Petite_DiablOfs_Wing)
Little Ghost Doll (Little_Blacky_Ghost)
Live Coal (Live_Coal)
Log (Log)
Loki Mask (Loki_Mask)
Loki's Nail (Nail_Of_Loki)
Loki's Whispers (Loki's_Whispers)
Loli Ruri Card (Loli_Ruri_Card)
Loli Ruri Egg (Loli_Ruri_Egg)
Loli Ruri Exchange Coupon (Ticket_Loli_Ruri)
Loner's Guitar (Guitar_Of_Blue_Solo)
Long Barrel (Long_Barrel)
Long Barrel (Long_Barrel_)
Long Horn (Long_Horn)
Long Horn (Long_Horn_M)
Long Mace (Long_Mace)
Longing Heart (Longing_Heart)
Longing Heart (Longing_Heart2)
Longinus's Spear (Longinus's_Spear)
Lope's Clue (Clue_Of_Lope)
Lope's Ring (Ring_Of_Lope)
Lord Kaho's Horn (Horn_Of_Lord_Kaho)
Lord Knight Card (B_Seyren_Card)
Lord of The Dead Card (Lord_Of_Death_Card)
Lord of Vermilion Scroll (Vermilion_10_Scroll)
Lord of Vermilion Scroll Box (Vermilion_10_Scroll_Box)
Lord Ring (Lord_Ring)
Lord's Clothes (Clothes_Of_The_Lord)
Lost Card1 (Lost_Card1)
Lost Card2 (Lost_Card2)
Lost Card3 (Lost_Card3)
Lost Card4 (Lost_Card4)
Lottery Ticket (Id_Lottery_Ticket)
Lotto Ball 01 (Lotto01)
Lotto Ball 02 (Lotto02)
Lotto Ball 03 (Lotto03)
Lotto Ball 04 (Lotto04)
Lotto Ball 05 (Lotto05)
Lotto Ball 06 (Lotto06)
Lotto Ball 07 (Lotto07)
Lotto Ball 08 (Lotto08)
Lotto Ball 09 (Lotto09)
Lotto Ball 10 (Lotto10)
Lotto Ball 11 (Lotto11)
Lotto Ball 12 (Lotto12)
Lotto Ball 13 (Lotto13)
Lotto Ball 14 (Lotto14)
Lotto Ball 15 (Lotto15)
Lotto Ball 16 (Lotto16)
Lotto Ball 17 (Lotto17)
Lotto Ball 18 (Lotto18)
Lotto Ball 19 (Lotto19)
Lotto Ball 20 (Lotto20)
Lotto Ball 21 (Lotto21)
Lotto Ball 22 (Lotto22)
Lotto Ball 23 (Lotto23)
Lotto Ball 24 (Lotto24)
Lotto Ball 25 (Lotto25)
Lotto Ball 26 (Lotto26)
Lotto Ball 27 (Lotto27)
Lotto Ball 28 (Lotto28)
Lotto Ball 29 (Lotto29)
Lotto Ball 30 (Lotto30)
Lotto Ball 31 (Lotto31)
Lotto Ball 32 (Lotto32)
Lotto Ball 33 (Lotto33)
Lotto Ball 34 (Lotto34)
Lotto Ball 35 (Lotto35)
Lotto Ball 36 (Lotto36)
Lotto Ball 37 (Lotto37)
Lotto Ball 38 (Lotto38)
Lotto Ball 39 (Lotto39)
Lotto Ball 40 (Lotto40)
Lotto Ball 41 (Lotto41)
Lotto Ball 42 (Lotto42)
Lotto Ball 43 (Lotto43)
Lotto Ball 44 (Lotto44)
Lotto Ball 45 (Lotto45)
Lotto Box 01 (Lotto_Box01)
Lotto Box 02 (Lotto_Box02)
Lotto Box 03 (Lotto_Box03)
Lotto Box 04 (Lotto_Box04)
Lotto Box 05 (Lotto_Box05)
Lotus Flower (Lotus_Flower)
Lotus Leaf (Lotus_Leaf)
Louise Costume Box (Louise_Costume_Box)
Louise's Beauty Coupon (Louis_Hair_Coupon)
Love Angel Magic Powder (Love_Angel)
Love Angel Magic Powder Box (Love_Angel_Box)
Love Angel Magic Powder Box (F_Love_Angel_Box)
Love Angel Magic Powder Box 30 Days (Love_Angel_Box_1m)
Love Angel Magic Powder Box 30 Days (F_Love_Angel_Box_1m)
Love Arrow (Love_Arrow)
Love Ball (Love_Ball)
Love Chick Hat (Love_Chick_Hat)
Love Dad Bandana (Hat_0f_King)
Love Dad Cap (Yellow_Baseball_Cap)
Love Daddy Hat (Love_Daddy)
Love Flower (Love_Flower)
Love Flower Hat (Flower_Love_Hat)
Love Valentine's Hat (Valentine_Hat)
Lovely Choco-Tart (Lovely_Choco_Tart)
Loyal Ring1 (Loyal_Ring1)
Loyal Ring1 Box (Loyal_Ring1_Box)
Loyal Ring2 (Loyal_Ring2)
Loyal Ring2 Box (Loyal_Ring2_Box)
Loyal Ring3 (Loyal_Ring3)
Loyal Ring3 Box (Loyal_Ring3_Box)
Loykrathong Book (TRO_Memory_Book02)
Lucifer's Lament (Lucifer's_Lament)
Luciola Vespa Card (Luciola_Vespa_Card)
Luciola's Honey Jam (Luciola's_Honey_Jam)
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano (Flame_Sprits_Armor)
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano (Flame_Sprits_Armor_)
Lucky Candy (Lucky_Candy)
Lucky Candy Cane (Lucky_Candy_Cane)
Lucky Cookie (Lucky_Cookie)
Lucky Cookie (Lucky_Cookie01)
Lucky Cookie (Lucky_Cookie02)
Lucky Cookie (Lucky_Cookie03)
Lucky Egg (Lucky_Egg_C)
Lucky Egg C3 (Lucky_Egg_C3)
Lucky Egg C4 (Lucky_Egg_C4)
Lucky Egg C5 (Lucky_Egg_C5)
Lucky Egg C6 (Lucky_Egg_C6)
Lucky Egg2 (Lucky_Egg_C2)
Lucky Potion (Lucky_Potion)
Lucky Rice Cake (Lucky_Rice_Cake)
Lucky Soup (Luk_Dish06)
Lude Card (Lude_Card)
LUK+1 (Luck1)
LUK+1 (Luk1_J)
LUK+10 (Luck10)
LUK+2 (Luck2)
LUK+2 (Luk2_J)
LUK+3 (Luck3)
LUK+3 (Luk3_J)
LUK+4 (Luck4)
LUK+5 (Luck5)
LUK+6 (Luck6)
LUK+7 (Luck7)
LUK+8 (Luck8)
LUK+9 (Luck9)
Luna Bow (Luna_Bow)
Lunakaligo (Lunakaligo)
Lunatic Brooch (Lunatic_Brooch)
Lunatic Card (Lunatic_Card)
Lunatic Egg (Lunatic_Egg)
Lunatic Exchange Ticket (Lunatic_Ticket)
Lunatic Hat (Lunatic_Hat)
Luoyang Completed Photo Album (Photo_Album_03)
Luoyang NewYear Hat (Louyang_Cap)
Lure (Lure)
Lusalka's Hair (Lusalka_Hair)
Lute (Lute)
Lute (Lute_)
Lutie Cold Noodle (Agi_Dish04)
Lutie Lady's Pancake (Str_Dish05)
Lutie Lady's Pancake (Str_Dish05_)
Luxurious Button (Kiel_Button)
Luxurious Keycard (Fancy_Key_Card)
Luxurious Rune (Runstone_Quality)
Luxurious Wedding Veil (Good_Wedding_Veil_J)
Luxurious Western Food (Luxurious_Dinner_W)
Luxury Hat (Saci_Hat)
Luxury Whisky Bottle (Luxury_Whisky_Bottle)
LV10 Agil Scroll (Inc_Agi_10_Scroll)
LV10 Blessing Scroll (Blessing_10_Scroll)
Lv10 Blessing Scroll Box 50 (F_Blessing10_Box50)
LV10 Wind Walker Scroll (Wind_Walk_10_Scroll)
LV5 Adrenaline Scroll (Adrenaline_Scroll)
LV5 Aspersio Scroll (Aspersio_5_Scroll)
LV5 Assumptio Scroll (Assumptio_5_Scroll)
Lv5 Assumptio Scroll Box 50 (F_Assumptio_5_Box50)