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W Doll Hat (Debril_Doll_Hat)
W Doll Hat Box (Debril_Doll_Hat_Box)
Waghnak (Waghnakh)
Waghnak (Waghnakh_)
Wand (Wand)
Wand (Wand_)
Wand (Wand__)
Wand of Occult (Blessed_Wand)
Wanderer Card (Wander_Man_Card)
Wanderer Egg (Wanderer_Egg)
Wanderer Taming Box (Wanderer_Box)
Wanderer's Sakkat (Wanderer's_Sakkat)
Wandering Minstrel Hat (Minstrel_Hat)
Wandering Wolf Helm (Wondering_Wolf_Helm)
War Axe (War_Axe)
Warlock's Battle Robe (Warlock_Battle_Robe)
Warlock's Battle Wand (BF_Staff2)
Warlock's Magic Wand (BF_Staff1)
Warrior's Balmung (Warrior_Balmung)
Warrior's Balmung (Warrior_Balmung_)
Warrior's Shining Ring (Shining_Ring)
Waste Stove Card (Waste_Stove_Card)
Wasteland Outlaw (Wasteland_Outlaw_C)
Wasteland's Outlaw (Wasteland_Outlaw)
Wat Badge (War_Badge)
Water Converter Box (Water_Converter_Box)
Water Lily Crown (Water_Lily_Crown)
Water Of Blessing (Water_Of_Blessing_)
Waterdrop Brooch (Waterdrop_Brooch)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll (Weapon_Card_Scroll)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll (Weapon_Card_Scroll2)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll (Weapon_Card_Scroll3)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll Box (Weapon_Card_Scroll_Box)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll Box (Weapon_Card_Scroll_Box2)
Weapon Card Pet Egg Scroll Box (Weapon_Card_Scroll_Box3)
Weapon Exchange (Weapon_Exchange)
Wedding Bouquet (Wedding_Bouquet)
Wedding Dress (Wedding_Dress)
Wedding Ring (Bridegroom_Ring)
Wedding Ring (Bride_Ring)
Wedding Veil (Wedding_Veil)
Wedding Weil (China_Wedding_Veil)
Weeder Knife (Weeder_Knife)
Weekend Hunting Pack (F_Vigorgra_Package12)
Weihna (Weihna)
Weird Parchment1 (Weird_Parchment1)
Weird Parchment2 (Weird_Parchment2)
Weird Parchment3 (Weird_Parchment3)
Weird Parchment4 (Weird_Parchment4)
Weird Part (Weird_Part)
Weird Pumpkin Hat (Weird_Pumpkin_Hat)
Welding Mask (Welding_Mask)
Well Ripened Berry (Well_Ripened_Berry)
Well-baked Cookie (Well_Baked_Cookie)
Well-Chewed Pencil (Pencil_In_Mouth)
Well-Dried Bone (Well_Dried_Bone)
Western Grace (Western_Grace)
Western Outlaw Box (Wasteland_Outlaw_Box)
Western Outlaw Box (F_Wasteland_Outlaw_Box)
Wheel of the Unknown (Mystery_Wheel)
Whip (Line)
Whip (Line_)
Whip (Whip)
Whip (Whip_)
Whip of Balance (Whip_Of_Balance)
Whisper Card (Whisper_Card)
Whisper Egg (Whisper_Egg)
Whisper Mask (Whisper_Mask)
Whisper Mask (EF_Whisper_Mask)
Whisper Mask Box (Whisper_Mask_Box)
Whisper Mask Box (Whisper_Mask_Box1)
Whisper Mask Box (F_Whisper_Mask_Box)
White Chocolate (White_Chocolate)
White Dyestuffs (White_Dyestuffs)
White Herb (White_Herb)
White Herb Box (White_Herb_Box)
White Lady Card (Bacsojin_Card)
White Mask (White_Mask)
White Musang Hat (White_Musang_Hat)
White Potion (White_Potion)
White Potion Box (White_Potion_Box)
White Powder (White_Powder)
White Raffle Sap (White_Raffle_Sap)
White Ribbon (Ribbon_White)
White Slim Pot Box2 (White_Slim_Pot_Box2)
White Slim Potion Box (White_Slim_Potion_Box)
White Snake Hat (White_Snake_Hat)
White Spider Limb (White_Spider_Limb)
White Wing (White_Wing)
Whiteday Firecracker (Fire_Cracker_Wday)
Whiteday Firecracker Box (Fire_Cracker_Wday_Box)
Whole Barbecue (Whole_Barbecue)
Whole Roast (Str_Dish07)
Wickebine Tres Card (Whikebain_Card)
Wicked Nymph Egg (Wicked_Nymph_Egg)
Wig (Wig)
Wii Raffle Ticket (Pass_F1)
Wild Beast Claw (Wild_Beast_Claw)
Wild Flower (Wild_Flower)
Wild Rose Card (Wild_Rose_Card)
Wild Rose Contract (Wild_Rose_Scroll)
Wild Rose Hat (Wild_Rose_Hat)
Will Of Exhausted Angel (Will_Of_Exhausted_Angel)
Will of Red Darkness (Will_Of_Darkness_)
Will of the Darkness (Will_Of_Darkness)
Willow Card (Wilow_Card)
Wind Amulet (Charm_Wind)
Wind Arrow Quiver (Wind_Arrow_Container)
Wind Converter Box (Wind_Converter_Box)
Wind General (3rd_Floor_Pass)
Wind Ghost Card (Wind_Ghost_Card)
Wind Hammer (Hammer_Of_Wind)
Wind Milestone (Wind_Milestone)
Wind of Verdure (Wind_Of_Verdure)
Wind Stone (Wind_Stone)
Wind Walk 10 Scroll Box (Wind_Walk_10_Scroll_Box)
Wind Walk 10 Scroll Box (F_Wind_Walk_10_Scroll_Box)
Wind Walk Scroll 10 Box (J_Wind_Walk10_Box)
Wind Walk Scroll 30 Box (Wind_Walk10_Box30)
Wind Walk Scroll 30 Box (F_Wind_Walk10_Box30)
Wind Walk Scroll 50 Box (Wind_Walk10_Box50)
Wind Walk Scroll 50 Box (F_Wind_Walk10_Box50)
Windhawk (Windhawk)
Wine Cup (Japan_Winecup)
Wine Glass of Illusion 5 Box (F_G_O_I_Box5)
Wing of Dragonfly (Dragon_Fly_Wing)
Wing of Red Bat (Wing_Of_Red_Bat)
Wing Staff (Staff_Of_Wing)
Wings Of Victory (Wings_Of_Victory)
Winning Mark (Winning_Mark)
Winter Hat (Winter_Hat)
Wire Whip (Wire)
Wire Whip (Wire_)
Wispers of Wind (Wind_Whisper)
Witch's Medal (Seal_Of_Witch)
Witch's Pumpkin Hat (Wit_Pumpkin_Hat)
Witch's Spell Scroll (Witch's_Spell_Book)
Witch's Tonic (Witch's_Potion)
Witched Starsand (Starsand_Of_Witch)
Withered Flower (Withered_Flower)
Witherless Rose (Witherless_Rose)
Wizard Hat (Star_Sparkling)
Wizardry Staff (Wizardy_Staff)
Woe Big Sis Ribbon (Woe_Big_Sis_Ribbon)
WoE Blue Potion (Siege_Blue_Potion)
Woe Blush (Woe_Blush)
Woe Boys Cap (Woe_Boys_Cap)
Woe Crown (Woe_Crown)
Woe Elven Ears (Woe_Elven_Ears)
Woe Fin Helm (Woe_Fin_Helm)
Woe Picnic Hat (Woe_Picnic_Hat)
Woe Sahkkat (Woe_Sahkkat)
Woe Sunglass (Woe_Sunglass)
WoE Teleport Scroll (Siege_Teleport_Scroll)
WoE Teleport Scroll 100 Box (Siege_Tele_Scroll_Box)
Woe Tiara (Woe_Tiara)
Woe Vane Hairpin (Woe_Vane_Hairpin)
WoE White Potion (Siege_White_Potion)
Wolf Card (Wolf_Card)
Wolf Claw (Claw_Of_Wolves)
Wolf Flute (Wolf's_Flute)
Woman Glory (Women's_Glory)
Woman's Moustache (Beard_Of_Women)
Woman's Portrait (Elysia_Portrait)
Women's Bundle (Women's_Bundle)
Women's Medal (Women's_Medal)
Wonder Nutshell (Mystery_Fruit_Shell)
Wood (Wood)
Wooden Block (Wooden_Block_)
Wooden Flute (Pointed_Wooden_Flute)
Wooden Gnarl (Tree_Knot)
Wooden Golem Card (Wooden_Golem_Card)
Wooden Heart (Heart_Of_Tree)
Wooden Mail (Wooden_Mail)
Wooden Mail (Wooden_Mail_)
Wool Mask (Mahican)
Wool Scarf (Wool_Scarf)
Wootan Fighter Card (Wootan_Fighter_Card)
Wootan Shooter Card (Wootan_Shooter_Card)
Worm Peeling (Worm_Peelings)
Wormtail Card (Worm_Tail_Card)
Worn Cloth Piece (Worn_Cloth_Piece)
Worn Out Page (Worn_Out_Page)
Worn Out Scroll (Worn_Out_Scroll)
Worn-out Kimono (Old_Japaness_Clothes)
Worn-out Magic Scroll (Old_Magic_Circle)
Worn-out Prison Uniform (Worn_Out_Prison_Uniform)
Woven Wool (Woven_Wool)
Wraith Card (Wraith_Card)
Wraith Dead Card (Wraith_Dead_Card)
Wrapped Box (Giftbox_China)
Wrapped Mask (Wrapped_Mask)
Wrapping Lace (Packing_Ribbon)
Wrapping Paper (Packing_Paper)
Wrapping Paper (Special_Packing_Paper)
Wrath of Valkyrie (Anger_Of_Valkurye)
Wrench (Spanner)
Wrench (Spanner_C)
Wrench Box (Spanner_Box)
Written Oath Of Marriage (Marriage_Covenant)
Written Oath Of Marriage Box (Marriage_Certificate_Box)
Written Request(A) (Mission_ScrollA)
Written Request(B) (Mission_ScrollB)
Wyrd Rune (Runstone_Pertz)