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Camp Guardian (B_S_GUARDIAN)
Camp Guardian (B_B_GUARDIAN)
Captain Ferlock (E1_FELOCK)
Caramel (CARAMEL)
Carat (CARAT)
Carat (G_CARAT)
Cat o' Nine Tails (CAT_O_NINE_TAIL)
Caterpillar (CATERPILLAR)
Celia (CELIA)
Celia / Celia Alde (V_CELIA)
Celia Ringleader (C3_CELIA)
Celine Kimi (XM_CELINE_KIMI)
Cendrawasih (CENDRAWASIH)
Cenere (CENERE)
Cenere G / Green Cenere (CENERE_G)
Centipede (CENTIPEDE)
Centipede Larva (CENTIPEDE_LARVA)
Champion Chen (G_CHEN)
Champion Chen (B_CHEN)
Champion Chen / Dark Martial Arts Master (QUEST_CHEN)
Charleston 1 (CHARLESTON1)
Charleston 2 (CHARLESTON2)
Charleston 3 (CHARLESTON3)
Chen (CHEN)
Chen / Chen Liu (V_CHEN)
Chepet (CHEPET)
Chepet (G_CHEPET)
Chimera (CHIMERA)
Chimera (G_CHIMERA)
Choco (CHOCO)
Choco (E_CHOCO)
Chonchon (CHONCHON)
Chonchon (CHONCHON_)
Chonchon (Temp Stats) (E_CHONCHON)
Christmas Cookie (COOKIE_XMAS)
Christmas Cookie (G_COOKIE_XMAS)
Christmas Goblin (GOBLINE_XMAS)
Christmas Goblin (G_GOBLINE_XMAS)
Christmas Goblin (EVENT_GOBLINE_XMAS)
Christmas Jakk (JAKK_XMAS)
Christmas Orc (ORC_XMAS)
Christmas Thief (ANTONIO_)
Chung E / Green Maiden (CHUNG_E)
Chung E / Green Maiden (CHUNG_E_)
Civil Servant / Mao Guai (CIVIL_SERVANT)
Civil Servant / Mao Guai (MER_CIVIL_SERVANT)
Clock (CLOCK)
Clock (G_CLOCK)
Clock Ringleader (C3_CLOCK)
Clock Tower Manager (C_TOWER_MANAGER)
Clock Tower Manager (G_C_TOWER_MANAGER)
Clown Alphoccio (G_ALPHOCCIO)
Clown Alphoccio (B_ALPHOCCIO)
Cobalt Mineral (COBALT_MINERAL)
Coco (COCO)
Coco (E_COCO)
Coelacanth (COELACANTH_N_E)
Colorless Vow / Tarnished Oath (COLORLESS_VOW)
Combat Basilisk (DR_BASILISK2)
Combat Basilisk (DR_BASILISK3)
Comodo (COMODO)
Condor (CONDOR)
Condor (E_CONDOR)
Constant (CONSTANT)
Constant (G_CONSTANT)
Constant (CONSTANT_)
Cookie (COOKIE)
Cookie Ringleader (C3_COOKIE)
Cornus (CORNUS)
Cornutus (CORNUTUS)
Corrupt Baby Desert Wolf (EP14_3_DEATH_A_MOB2)
Corrupt Cruiser (XM_CRUISER)
Corrupt Desert Wolf (EP14_3_DEATH_B_MOB2)
Corrupt Familiar (EP14_3_DEATH_A_MOB3)
Corrupt Megalodon (EP14_3_DEATH_C_MOB3)
Corrupt Orc Baby (EP14_3_DEATH_A_MOB1)
Corrupt Orc Warrior (EP14_3_DEATH_B_MOB1)
Corrupt Orc Zombie (EP14_3_DEATH_C_MOB1)
Corrupt Phen (EP14_3_DEATH_B_MOB3)
Corrupt Verit (EP14_3_DEATH_C_MOB2)
Corrupted Abysmal Knight (MG_KNIGHT_OF_ABYSS)
Corrupted Monk (MG_WRAITH)
Corrupted Palace Guard (MG_RAYDRIC)
Corrupted Soul / Root of Corruption (MG_CORRUPTION_ROOT)
Corrupted Steward (MG_ZOMBIE)
Coyote (COYOTE)
Crab (CRAB)
Cramp (CRAMP)
Cramp (G_CRAMP)
Creamy (CREAMY)
Creamy Fear (CREMY_FEAR)
Creator Flamel (G_FLAMEL)
Creator Flamel (B_FLAMEL)
Creeper (CREEPER)
Creepy Demon / Spooky Spirit (XM_LUDE)
Cruiser (CRUISER)
Cruiser (G_CRUISER)
Crusader Ygnizem / Crusader Egnigem (L_YGNIZEM)
Crusader Ygnizem / Crusader Egnigem (G_L_YGNIZEM)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_5)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_6)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_7)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_8)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_9)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_H)
Crystal (CRYSTAL_L)
Cursed Memory / Regretful Memory (CURSED_MEMORY)
Cursed Sentinel / Cursed Gatekeeper (CURSED_SENTINEL)
Cursed Soldier (CURSED_SOLDIER)
Cursed Soldier of Bijou (AS_D_CURSED_SOLDIER)
Cursing Khalitzburg (G_MG_KHALITZBURG)
Curupira (CURUPIRA)