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Machine Component / DR815 (DR815)
Machine Component / GC109 (GC109)
Magaleta / Arch Bishop Margaretha (V_G_MAGALETA)
Magaleta / Margaretha Sorin (MAGALETA)
Magaleta / Margaretha Sorin (V_MAGALETA)
Magic Seal (MM_MAGIC_SEAL)
Magmaring (MAGMARING)
Magnolia (MAGNOLIA)
Magnolia (E_MAGNOLIA)
Majoruros (MAJORUROS)
Male Game Master (M_GAMEMASTER)
Malicious Baby Ghost / Evil Cold Ghost (XM_HYLOZOIST)
Mallina (MALLINA)
Mana of Earth (MM_MANA_YELLOW)
Mana of Life (MM_MANA_RED)
Mana White (MM_MANA_WHITE)
Manananggal (MANANANGGAL)
Manananggal Ringleader (C3_MANANANGGAL)
Mandragora (MANDRAGORA)
Mandragora (G_MANDRAGORA)
Mandragora (E_MANDRAGORA)
Mangkukulam (MANGKUKULAM)
Mantis (MANTIS)
Mantis (G_MANTIS)
Marc (MARC)
Marc (G_MARC)
Marc (E_MARC)
Marduk (MARDUK)
Marduk (G_MARDUK)
Marin (MARIN)
Marin (G_MARIN)
Marin (E_MARIN)
Marina (MARINA)
Marina (E_MARINA)
Marine Sphere (MARINE_SPHERE)
Marionette (MARIONETTE)
Marionette (G_MARIONETTE)
Marionette Ringleader (C3_MARIONETTE)
Marozka's Guard (GARM_R)
Marse (MARSE)
Marse (G_MARSE)
Martin (MARTIN)
Martin (E_MARTIN)
Mastering (MASTERING)
Matyr (MATYR)
Matyr (G_MATYR)
Mavka (MAVKA)
Mavka (G_MAVKA)
Maya (MAYA)
Maya (Temp Stats) (E_MAYA)
Maya Purple (MAYA_PUPLE)
Mechanic Harword / Mechanic Howard (V_B_HARWORD)
Mechaspider / Spider Chariot (MECHASPIDER)
Medusa (MEDUSA)
Medusa (G_MEDUSA)
Megalith (MEGALITH)
Megalith (G_MEGALITH)
Megalodon (MEGALODON)
Menblatt (MENBLATT)
Mercenary A (14_3_MERCENARY_A)
Mercenary B (14_3_MERCENARY_B)
Merman (MERMAN)
Merman (G_MERMAN)
Metaling (METALING)
Metaling (T_METALING)
Metaling Ringleader (C3_METALING)
Metaller (METALLER)
Mime Monkey (MIME_MONKEY)
Mimic (MIMIC)
Mimic (G_MIMIC)
Miming (MIMING)
Miming Ringleader (C3_MIMING)
Mineral (MINERAL)
Mineral (T_MINERAL)
Mini Demon (MINI_DEMON)
Minorous (MINOROUS)
Minorous (G_MINOROUS)
Minstrel Alphoccio (V_G_ALPHOCCIO)
Minstrel Alphoccio (V_B_ALPHOCCIO)
Mistress (MISTRESS)
Mistress (E_MISTRESS)
Mistress (Temp Stats) (J_MISTRESS)
Miyabi Doll Ringleader (C3_MIYABI_NINGYO)
Miyabi Ningyo / Miyabi Doll (MIYABI_NINGYO)
Miyabi Ningyo / Miyabi Doll (G_MIYABI_NINGYO)
Mobster (MOBSTER)
Mole / Holden (MOLE)
Monemus (MONEMUS)
Monk Erend / Monk Errende (L_EREND)
Monk Erend / Monk Errende (G_L_EREND)
Moonlight Flower (MOONLIGHT)
Moonlight Flower (EVENT_MOON)
Morin (MORIN)
Morocc Necromancer (EP14_MORS_BOSSB)
Morocc Necromancer / Morroc Mage (EP14_MORS_BOSSA)
Morroc Hidden / Morroc's Plankton (EP14_MORS_HIDDEN)
Morroc of the Genesis (MM_MOROCC_ORIGIN)
Morroc of the Sabbath (MM_MOROCC_REST)
Morroc's Archer Skeleton (EP14_MORS_MOB3)
Morroc's Ghoul (EP14_MORS_MOB1)
Morroc's Lude (EP14_MORS_MOB6)
Morroc's Osiris (EP14_MORS_MOB2)
Morroc's Verit (EP14_MORS_MOB5)
Morroc's Wraith (EP14_MORS_MOB4)
Muka (MUKA)
Muka (E_MUKA)
Muka Ringleader (C3_MUKA)
Mummy (MUMMY)
Mummy (G_MUMMY)
Munak (MUNAK)
Munak (A_MUNAK)
Muscipular (MUSCIPULAR)
Muspellskoll (MM_MUSPELLSKOLL)
Muspellskoll's Core (MM_MUSPELLSKOLL_CORE)
Mutant Anolian / Deep Sea Anolian (MD_ANOLIAN)
Mutant Coelacanth (COELACANTH_H_M)
Mutant Dragon / Mutant Dragonoid (MUTANT_DRAGON)
Mutant Dragon / Mutant Dragonoid (G_MUTANT_DRAGON)
Mutant Dragon / Wicked Mutant Dragon (MM_M_MUTANT_DRAGON)
Myst (MYST)
Myst (G_MYST)
Myst Case (MYSTCASE)
Myst Case (G_MYSTCASE)
Mysteltainn (MYSTELTAINN)
Mysteltainn (G_MYSTELTAINN)
Mysteltainn (MYSTELTAINN_R)