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Safeguard Chief / Orc Elite Guard (I_HIGH_ORC)
Sage Rawrel / Sage Laurell (L_RAWREL)
Sage Rawrel / Sage Laurell (G_L_RAWREL)
Sage Worm (SAGEWORM)
Sailor Skeleton (SAILOR_SKELETON)
Salamander (SALAMANDER)
Salamander (G_SALAMANDER)
Salamander (M_SALAMANDER)
Sandman (SAND_MAN)
Sandman (G_SAND_MAN)
Santa Poring (PORING_)
Sarah / Sarah Irene (MM_SARAH)
Sasquatch (SASQUATCH)
Sasquatch (G_SASQUATCH)
Satan Morroc (MOROCC)
Savage (SAVAGE)
Savage (M_SAVAGE)
Savage Babe (SAVAGE_BABE)
Savage Babe (R_SAVAGE_BABE)
Savage Babe (E_SAVAGE_BABE)
Savage Ringleader (C3_SAVAGE)
Scaraba / One-Horned Scaraba (HORN_SCARABA)
Scaraba / Two-Horned Scaraba (HORN_SCARABA2)
Scorpion (SCORPION)
Scorpion (G_SCORPION)
Scout Basilisk (DR_BASILISK1)
Scr Mt Robots / Can Robot (SCR_MT_ROBOTS)
Scythe Soldier (IMMORTAL_CORPS2)
Sea Mana / Mana of Water (MM_MANA_BLUE)
Sea Otter (SEE_OTTER)
Sea Otter Ringleader (C3_SEE_OTTER)
Seaanemone / Sea Anemone (SEAANEMONE)
Seaweed (MD_SEAWEED)
Seaweed (MA_SEAW)
Sedora (SEDORA)
Seeker (SEEKER)
Seyren / Rune Knight Seyren (V_G_SEYREN)
Seyren / Seyren Windsor (SEYREN)
Seyren / Seyren Windsor (EVENT_SEYREN)
Seyren / Seyren Windsor (V_SEYREN)
Shadow Chaser Gertie (V_B_GERTIE)
Shadow of Deception (S_WIND_GHOST)
Shadow of Illusion (S_SKOGUL)
Shadow of Pleasure (S_SUCCUBUS)
Shaman Cargalache / Orc Lady (I_ORC_LADY)
Shecil / Cecil Damon (SHECIL)
Shecil / Ranger Cecil (V_G_SHECIL)
Shecil / Shecil Damon (V_SHECIL)
Shecil Damon / Cecil Damon (A_SHECIL)
Shellfish (SHELLFISH)
Shelter / Mistress of Shelter (SHELTER)
Shining Plant (SHINING_PLANT)
Shining Plant / Mystic Plant (E_SHINING_PLANT)
Shinobi (SHINOBI)
Shinobi (G_SHINOBI)
Shooting Target (J_REB_SHECIL1)
Shooting Target (J_REB_SHECIL2)
Side Winder (SIDE_WINDER)
Side Winder (G_SIDE_WINDER)
Side Winder Ringleader (C3_SIDE_WINDER)
Silver Sniper (SILVERSNIPER)
Siorava (SIORAVA)
Siroma (SIROMA)
Skeggiold (SKEGGIOLD)
Skeggiold (SKEGGIOLD_)
Skeggiold (G_SKEGGIOLD)
Skeggiold (G_SKEGGIOLD_)
Skeleton (SKELETON)
Skeleton General (SKELETON_GENERAL)
Skeleton General Ringleader (C3_SKELETON_GENERAL)
Skeleton Prisoner (SKEL_PRISONER)
Skeleton Prisoner (G_SKEL_PRISONER)
Skeleton Worker (SKEL_WORKER)
Skeleton Worker (G_SKEL_WORKER)
Skogul (SKOGUL)
Skogul (G_SKOGUL)
Sky Fortress Key Keeper (AS_ZOMBIE_SLAUGHTER)
Sleeper (SLEEPER)
Small Octopus / Octopus (MD_OCTOPUS)
Smelly Ghoul (GHOUL_H)
Smelly Zombie (ZOMBIE_H)
Smokey Gift / Gift Stealing Raccoon (XMAS_SMOKEY_GIFT)
Smokey Sock / Socks Stealing Raccoon (XMAS_SMOKEY_SOCK)
Smokie (SMOKIE)
Smokie (G_SMOKIE)
Smokie / Bandit (G_SMOKIE_)
Smoking Orc (SMOKING_ORC)
Snake / Boa (SNAKE)
Snake / Boa (G_SNAKE)
Snake Lord's Minion (G_SNAKE_)
Snake Lord's Minion (G_ANACONDAQ_)
Snake Lord's Minion (G_SIDE_WINDER_)
Snake Lord's Minion (G_ISIS_)
Sniper Shecil / Cecil (G_SHECIL)
Sniper Shecil / Cecil (G_SHECIL_)
Sniper Shecil / Cecil (B_SHECIL_)
Sniper Shecil / Sniper Cecil (B_SHECIL)
Snowier (SNOWIER)
Soccer Ball (SOCCER_BALL)
Sohee (SOHEE)
Soheon / Samurai Soheon (SOHEON)
Soheon / Samurai Soheon (G_SOHEON)
Soil (SOIL)
Solace (T_SOLACE)
Solace / Lady Solace (SOLACE)
Soldier Guardian (SOLDIER_GUARDIAN)
Soldier Skeleton (SOLDIER_SKELETON)
Soldier Skeleton (G_SOLDIER_SKELETON)
Soldier Skeleton Ringleader (C3_SOLDIER_SKELETON)
Solid Acidus (C2_ACIDUS_)
Solid Alligator (C2_ALLIGATOR)
Solid Andre (C2_ANDRE)
Solid Antique Book (C2_ANTIQUE_BOOK)
Solid Arclouze (C2_ARCLOUSE)
Solid Banaspaty (C2_BANASPATY)
Solid Bungisngis (C2_BUNGISNGIS)
Solid Cecil Damon (C2_SHECIL)
Solid Cenere (C2_CENERE)
Solid Coco (C2_COCO)
Solid Cornutus (C2_CORNUTUS)
Solid Dark Pinguicula (C2_PINGUICULA_D)
Solid Dark Shadow (C2_GLD_DARK_SHADOW)
Solid Death Word (C2_DEATHWORD)
Solid Deviruchi (C2_DEVIRUCHI)
Solid Draco (C2_DRACO)
Solid Drosera (C2_DROSERA)
Solid Elder Willow (C2_ELDER_WILOW)
Solid Enchanted Peach Tree (C2_LIVE_PEACH_TREE)
Solid Fabre (C2_FABRE)
Solid Freezer (C2_FREEZER)
Solid Geographer (C2_GEOGRAPHER)
Solid Goat (C2_GOAT)
Solid Grand Peco (C2_GRAND_PECO)
Solid High Orc (C2_HIGH_ORC)
Solid Holden (C2_MOLE)
Solid Horn (C2_HORN)
Solid Iara (C2_IARA)
Solid Isis (C2_ISIS)
Solid Kobold (C2_KOBOLD_1)
Solid Leib Olmai (C2_LEIB_OLMAI)
Solid Lunatic (C2_LUNATIC)
Solid Mandragora (C2_MANDRAGORA)
Solid Martin (C2_MARTIN)
Solid Metaling (C2_METALING)
Solid Mineral (C2_MINERAL)
Solid Mummy (C2_MUMMY)
Solid Nephentes (C2_NEPENTHES)
Solid Novus (C2_NOVUS)
Solid Orc Lady (C2_ORC_LADY)
Solid Parasite (C2_PARASITE)
Solid Petite (C2_PETIT)
Solid Poison Spore (C2_POISON_SPORE)
Solid Porcellio (C2_PORCELLIO)
Solid Raydric (C2_RAYDRIC)
Solid Requiem (C2_REQUIEM)
Solid Rideword (C2_RIDEWORD)
Solid Roween (C2_ROWEEN)
Solid Savage (C2_SAVAGE)
Solid Side Winder (C2_SIDE_WINDER)
Solid Skogul (C2_SKOGUL)
Solid Snowier (C2_SNOWIER)
Solid Solider (C2_SOLIDER)
Solid Steel Chonchon (C2_STEEL_CHONCHON)
Solid Tatacho (C2_TATACHO)
Solid Thief Bug (C2_THIEF_BUG)
Solid Vadon (C2_VADON)
Solid Violy (C2_VIOLY)
Solid Whisper (C2_WHISPER)
Solid Wind Ghost (C2_WIND_GHOST)
Solid Yoyo (C2_YOYO)
Solid Zombie Prisoner (C2_ZOMBIE_PRISONER)
Solider (SOLIDER)
Solider (G_SOLIDER)
Sonia (SONIA)
Sorcerer Celia (V_G_CELIA)
Sorcerer Celia (V_B_CELIA)
Spore (SPORE)
Spring Rabbit (SPRING_RABBIT)
Spring Rabbit (G_SPRING_RABBIT)
Spring Rabbit (E_SPRING_RABBIT)
Sropho (SROPHO)
Stainer (STAINER)
Stainer (Temp Stats) (E_STAINER)
Stalactic Golem (STALACTIC_GOLEM)
Stalker Gertie (G_GERTIE)
Stalker Gertie (B_GERTIE)
Standing Soul (STANDING_SOUL)
Stapo (STAPO)
Stapo Ringleader (C3_STAPO)
Steam Goblin / Goblin Steamrider (STEAM_GOBLIN)
Steel Chonchon (STEEL_CHONCHON)
Steel Chonchon (Temp Stats) (E_STEEL_CHONCHON)
Stem Worm (STEM_WORM)
Stem Worm (G_STEM_WORM)
Step (STEP)
Sting (STING)
Sting (G_STING)
Stone Shooter (STONE_SHOOTER)
Strouf (STROUF)
Strouf (E_STROUF)
Succubus (SUCCUBUS)
Suffering Khalitzburg (MG_KHALITZBURG)
Sura Chen (V_G_CHEN)
Sura Chen (V_B_CHEN)
Suspicious Baby / Strange Baby Orc (BABY_STRANGE)
Suspicious Hydra / Strange Hydra (E_HYDRA)
Suspicious Mouse / Strange Mouse (E_CRAMP)
Sweet Roda Frog (DR_RODA_FROG)
Sweet Slaughter (SWEET_SLAUGHTER)
Sweets Drops (SWEETS_DROPS)
Swift Agav (C1_AGAV)
Swift Angra Mantis (C1_ANGRA_MANTIS)
Swift Antique Book (C1_ANTIQUE_BOOK)
Swift Argiope (C1_ARGIOPE)
Swift Banshee (C1_BANSHEE)
Swift Baroness of Retribution (C1_RETRIBUTION)
Swift Bloody Butterfly (C1_BLOOD_BUTTERFLY)
Swift Caramel (C1_CARAMEL)
Swift Centipede (C1_CENTIPEDE)
Swift Coco (C1_COCO)
Swift Creamy (C1_CREAMY)
Swift Dark Shadow (C1_GLD_DARK_SHADOW)
Swift Death Word (C1_DEATHWORD)
Swift Dimik (C1_DIMIK_1)
Swift Dragon Tail (C1_DRAGON_TAIL)
Swift Dryad (C1_DRYAD)
Swift Elder Willow (C1_ELDER_WILOW)
Swift False Angel (C1_FAKE_ANGEL)
Swift Geographer (C1_GEOGRAPHER)
Swift Goblin (C1_GOBLIN_1)
Swift Greatest General (C1_GREATEST_GENERAL)
Swift Hill Wind (C1_HILL_WIND_1)
Swift Ice Titan (C1_ICE_TITAN)
Swift Incarnation of Morroc (C1_MOROCC_1)
Swift Karakasa (C1_KARAKASA)
Swift Kobold Archer (C1_KOBOLD_ARCHER)
Swift Les (C1_LES)
Swift Loli Ruri (C1_LOLI_RURI)
Swift Magmaring (C1_MAGMARING)
Swift Mantis (C1_MANTIS)
Swift Medusa (C1_MEDUSA)
Swift Metaller (C1_METALLER)
Swift Minorous (C1_MINOROUS)
Swift Mummy (C1_MUMMY)
Swift Novus (C1_NOVUS)
Swift Orc Skeleton (C1_ORC_SKELETON)
Swift Pasana (C1_PASANA)
Swift Petite (C1_PETIT)
Swift Piranha (C1_PIRANHA)
Swift Poison Toad (C1_POISON_TOAD)
Swift Poring (C1_PORING)
Swift Rafflesia (C1_RAFFLESIA)
Swift Rafflesia Arnoldi (C1_ALNOLDI)
Swift Raydric (C1_RAYDRIC)
Swift Rideword (C1_RIDEWORD)
Swift Sailor Skeleton (C1_SAILOR_SKELETON)
Swift Savage Babe (C1_SAVAGE_BABE)
Swift Seal (C1_FUR_SEAL)
Swift Shellfish (C1_SHELLFISH)
Swift Siroma (C1_SIROMA)
Swift Sleeper (C1_SLEEPER)
Swift Sohee (C1_SOHEE)
Swift Spore (C1_SPORE)
Swift Stem Worm (C1_STEM_WORM)
Swift Teddy Bear (C1_TEDDY_BEAR)
Swift Uni-horn Scaraba (C1_HORN_SCARABA)
Swift Vanberk (C1_VANBERK)
Swift Violy (C1_VIOLY)
Swift Wolf (C1_WOLF)
Swift Yoyo (C1_YOYO)
Swift Zombie Slaughter (C1_ZOMBIE_SLAUGHTER)
Sword Guardian (SWORD_GUARDIAN)
Sword Guardian (SWORD_GUARDIAN_)
Swordfish (SWORD_FISH)
Sys Msg / System message (SYS_MSG)