RO Map Database Index: c
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Renewal Map Link Pre-Re Map Link Map Name In Game
cavecaveCave Village
cmd_fild01cmd_fild01Papuchicha Forest
cmd_fild02cmd_fild02Kokomo beach
cmd_fild03cmd_fild03Zenhai Marsh
cmd_fild04cmd_fild04Kokomo beach
cmd_fild05cmd_fild05Border of Papuchica forest
cmd_fild06cmd_fild06Fortress Saint Darmain (West)
cmd_fild07cmd_fild07Beacon Island, Pharos
cmd_fild08cmd_fild08Fortress Saint Darmain (East)
cmd_fild09cmd_fild09Fortress Saint Darmain (South)
cmd_in01cmd_in01Inside Comodo
cmd_in02cmd_in02Inside Comodo
comodocomodoBeach town, Comodo
conch_inconch_inInside the Kon-Kilina
c_tower1c_tower1Clock Tower 1F
c_tower2c_tower2Clock Tower 2F
c_tower2_c_tower2_Clock Tower of Twisted Time 2F
c_tower3c_tower3Clock Tower 3F
c_tower3_c_tower3_Clock Tower of Twisted Time 3F
c_tower4c_tower4Clock Tower 4F