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Renewal Map Link Pre-Re Map Link Map Name In Game
dalidaliDimensional Gap
dali02dali02Dimensional Gap
dew_dun01dew_dun01Dewata Dungeon 01, Volcanic Island of Krakatoa
dew_dun02dew_dun02Dewata Dungeon 02, Tina Grace Cave
dew_fild01dew_fild01Dewata Field (Tribal Village)
dew_in01dew_in01Inside Dewata
dicastes01dicastes01El Dicastes, the Sapha Capital
dicastes02dicastes02Dicastes Diel
dic_dun01dic_dun01Scaraba Hole 01, Kamidal Tunnel
dic_dun02dic_dun02Scaraba Hole 02, Scaraba Hall
dic_dun03dic_dun03Skarava hall
dic_fild01dic_fild01Outskirts of Kamidal Mountain
dic_fild02dic_fild02Outskirts of Kamidal Mountain
dic_in01dic_in01Inside El Dicastes