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Renewal Map Link Pre-Re Map Link Map Name In Game
06guild_r06guild_rGuild War Arena - Waiting Room
06guild_0106guild_01Guild War Arena
06guild_0206guild_02Guild War Arena
06guild_0306guild_03Guild War Arena
06guild_0406guild_04Guild War Arena
06guild_0506guild_05Guild War Arena
06guild_0606guild_06Guild War Arena
06guild_0706guild_07Guild War Arena
06guild_0806guild_08Guild War Arena
[email protected][email protected]Catacombs
[email protected][email protected]Sealed Shrine
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]The Endless Tower
[email protected][email protected]Subterranean Orc Cave F1
[email protected][email protected]Subterranean Orc Cave F2
[email protected][email protected]Nidhoggur's Nest Lv 1
[email protected][email protected]Nidhoggur's Nest Lv 2
[email protected][email protected]Octopus Cave
[email protected][email protected]Drain 1
[email protected][email protected]Drain 2
[email protected][email protected]The Hazy Maze Forest
[email protected][email protected]Eclage Interior
[email protected]_h[email protected]_hMalaya Bangungot Hospital 2F
[email protected]_c[email protected]_cBuwaya Cave
[email protected]_b[email protected]_bBakonawa Hideout
[email protected][email protected]Wolfchev's Lab
[email protected]_d[email protected]_dHorror Toy Factory
[email protected][email protected]Wave Mode Dungeon - Forest
[email protected][email protected]Wave Mode Dungeon - sky
[email protected][email protected]Wave Mode Dungeon - Lava
[email protected][email protected]Bios Island Room 1
[email protected][email protected]Bios Island Room 2
[email protected][email protected]Bios Island Room 3
[email protected][email protected]Mors Cave
[email protected][email protected]Temple of the Demon God
[email protected][email protected]Jitterbug of Nightmare
[email protected][email protected]Faceworm's Nest
[email protected][email protected]Sarah's Memory
[email protected][email protected]Top Floor of Devil Tower
[email protected][email protected]Top Floor of Devil Tower
[email protected][email protected]Morocc Castle's Basement
[email protected][email protected]Ghost Palace
[email protected]_st[email protected]_stGeffen Magic Tournament
[email protected][email protected]Geffen Magic Tournament
[email protected]_in[email protected]_inGeffen Magic Tournament
[email protected]_k[email protected]_kOld Glast Heim Chivalry 2F
[email protected]_k[email protected]_kOld Glast Heim Chivalry 1F
[email protected][email protected]The Last Room
[email protected][email protected]Central Laboratory
[email protected]1[email protected]Charleston Factory
[email protected][email protected]Sarah and Fenrir
[email protected][email protected]Airship Assault
[email protected][email protected]Airship Assault
[email protected][email protected]Ritual Room
[email protected][email protected]Ritual Room
[email protected][email protected]Inside Aerial Fortress
[email protected][email protected]Secret Chamber of Aerial Fortress
[email protected][email protected]Aerial Fortress Top Floor
[email protected][email protected]Remnant Hideout
[email protected][email protected]Infinite Space
[email protected][email protected]Pope's Office
[email protected][email protected]The Way Back Home
[email protected][email protected]Garden In The Sky
[email protected][email protected]Central Room of Werner Laboratory
[email protected][email protected]Heart Hunter Military Base
[email protected][email protected]The Legendary Dorado
[email protected][email protected]Volcanic Island Korodo
[email protected][email protected]Poring Village (Beginner Instance)
[email protected][email protected]Mysterious Shipwreck
[email protected]_d2[email protected]_d2Horror Toy Factory (Chicken Mode)
[email protected]_k2[email protected]_k2Old GH Chivalry 2F (Chicken Mode)
[email protected]_k2[email protected]_k2Old GH Chivalry 1F (Chicken Mode)
[email protected]_gef[email protected]_gefFriday Memorial
[email protected]_pay[email protected]_payWeekend Memorial