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Renewal Map Link Pre-Re Map Link Map Name In Game
paramkparamkParadise Group Market
payg_cas02payg_cas02Scarlet Palace
payg_cas03payg_cas03Holy Shadow
payg_cas04payg_cas04Sacred Altar
payg_cas05payg_cas05Bamboo Grove Hill
payonpayonPayon Town
payon_in01payon_in01Inside Payon
payon_in02payon_in02Inside Payon
payon_in03payon_in03Inside Payon
pay_archepay_archeArcher Village
pay_d03_ipay_d03_iIllusion of Moonlight - Payon
pay_dun00pay_dun00Payon Cave F1
pay_dun01pay_dun01Payon Cave F2
pay_dun02pay_dun02Payon Cave F3
pay_dun03pay_dun03Payon Cave F4
pay_dun04pay_dun04Payon Cave F5
pay_fild01pay_fild01Payon Forest
pay_fild02pay_fild02Payon Forest
pay_fild03pay_fild03Payon Forest
pay_fild04pay_fild04Sograt Desert
pay_fild05pay_fild05Payon Forest
pay_fild06pay_fild06Payon Forest
pay_fild07pay_fild07Payon Forest
pay_fild08pay_fild08Payon Forest
pay_fild09pay_fild09Payon Forest
pay_fild10pay_fild10Payon Forest
pay_fild11pay_fild11Payon Forest
pay_gldpay_gldGreenwood Lake
poring_c01poring_c01Poring Waiting Room
poring_c02poring_c02Poring Market
poring_w01poring_w01Poring War - Waiting Room
poring_w02poring_w02Poring War
pronterapronteraProntera City, Capitol of Rune-Midgart
prt_are_inprt_are_inWaiting room
prt_casprt_casProntera Central Palace
prt_castleprt_castleProntera Castle
prt_cas_qprt_cas_qProntera Royal Villa
prt_churchprt_churchThe Sanctuary
prt_fild00prt_fild00Prontera Field
prt_fild01prt_fild01Prontera Field
prt_fild02prt_fild02Prontera Field
prt_fild03prt_fild03Prontera Field
prt_fild04prt_fild04Prontera Field
prt_fild05prt_fild05Prontera Field
prt_fild06prt_fild06Prontera Field
prt_fild07prt_fild07Prontera Field
prt_fild08prt_fild08Prontera Field
prt_fild08aprt_fild08aProntera Field
prt_fild08bprt_fild08bProntera Field
prt_fild08cprt_fild08cProntera Field
prt_fild08dprt_fild08dProntera Field
prt_fild09prt_fild09Prontera Field
prt_fild10prt_fild10Prontera Field
prt_fild11prt_fild11Prontera Field
prt_gldprt_gldValkyrie Realm
prt_inprt_inInside Prontera
prt_libprt_libRoyal Memory
prt_lib_qprt_lib_qOld Memoir of Royal Family
prt_maze01prt_maze01Labyrinth Forest F1
prt_maze02prt_maze02Labyrinth Forest F2
prt_maze03prt_maze03Labyrinth Forest F3
prt_monkprt_monkSt. Capitolina Abbey
prt_pri00prt_pri00Prontera Prison
prt_prisonprt_prisonProntera Underground Prison
prt_qprt_qInvaded Prontera
prt_sewb1prt_sewb1Prontera Culvert F1
prt_sewb2prt_sewb2Prontera Culvert F2
prt_sewb3prt_sewb3Prontera Culvert F3
prt_sewb4prt_sewb4Prontera Culvert F4
pvp_2vs2pvp_2vs2PvP : Event Coliseum
pvp_c_roompvp_c_roomPvP : Waiting Room
pvp_n_1-1pvp_n_1-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_1-2pvp_n_1-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_1-3pvp_n_1-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_1-4pvp_n_1-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_1-5pvp_n_1-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_2-1pvp_n_2-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_2-2pvp_n_2-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_2-3pvp_n_2-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_2-4pvp_n_2-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_2-5pvp_n_2-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_3-1pvp_n_3-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_3-2pvp_n_3-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_3-3pvp_n_3-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_3-4pvp_n_3-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_3-5pvp_n_3-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_4-1pvp_n_4-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_4-2pvp_n_4-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_4-3pvp_n_4-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_4-4pvp_n_4-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_4-5pvp_n_4-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_5-1pvp_n_5-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_5-2pvp_n_5-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_5-3pvp_n_5-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_5-4pvp_n_5-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_5-5pvp_n_5-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_6-1pvp_n_6-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_6-2pvp_n_6-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_6-3pvp_n_6-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_6-4pvp_n_6-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_6-5pvp_n_6-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_7-1pvp_n_7-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_7-2pvp_n_7-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_7-3pvp_n_7-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_7-4pvp_n_7-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_7-5pvp_n_7-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_8-1pvp_n_8-1PvP : Room Sandwich
pvp_n_8-2pvp_n_8-2PvP : Room Rock On
pvp_n_8-3pvp_n_8-3PvP : Four Room
pvp_n_8-4pvp_n_8-4PvP : Room Undercross
pvp_n_8-5pvp_n_8-5PvP : Room Copass
pvp_n_roompvp_n_roomPvP : Waiting Room
pvp_y_1-1pvp_y_1-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_1-2pvp_y_1-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_1-3pvp_y_1-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_1-4pvp_y_1-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_1-5pvp_y_1-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_2-1pvp_y_2-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_2-2pvp_y_2-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_2-3pvp_y_2-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_2-4pvp_y_2-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_2-5pvp_y_2-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_3-1pvp_y_3-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_3-2pvp_y_3-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_3-3pvp_y_3-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_3-4pvp_y_3-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_3-5pvp_y_3-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_4-1pvp_y_4-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_4-2pvp_y_4-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_4-3pvp_y_4-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_4-4pvp_y_4-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_4-5pvp_y_4-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_5-1pvp_y_5-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_5-2pvp_y_5-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_5-3pvp_y_5-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_5-4pvp_y_5-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_5-5pvp_y_5-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_6-1pvp_y_6-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_6-2pvp_y_6-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_6-3pvp_y_6-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_6-4pvp_y_6-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_6-5pvp_y_6-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_7-1pvp_y_7-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_7-2pvp_y_7-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_7-3pvp_y_7-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_7-4pvp_y_7-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_7-5pvp_y_7-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_8-1pvp_y_8-1PvP : Room Prontera
pvp_y_8-2pvp_y_8-2PvP : Room Izlude
pvp_y_8-3pvp_y_8-3PvP : Room Payon
pvp_y_8-4pvp_y_8-4PvP : Room Alberta
pvp_y_8-5pvp_y_8-5PvP : Room Morocc
pvp_y_roompvp_y_roomPvP : Waiting Room
p_track01p_track01Monster Race Arena
p_track02p_track02Monster Race Arena