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Two-Handed Sword Mastery
Thunder Storm
Two-Hand Quicken
Turn Undead
Talkie Box
Trick Dead
Throw Stone
Tunnel Drive
Triple Attack
Taming Monster
The Ring of Nibelungen
The Apple of Idun
Throw Arrow
Throw Tomahawk
Tension Relax
Tiger Knuckle Fist
True Sight
Tarot Card of Fate
TaeKwon Mission
Twilight Alchemy I
Twilight Alchemy II
Twilight Alchemy III
Triple Action
Throwing Mastery
Throw Shuriken
Throw Kunai
Throw Huuma Shuriken
Throw Zeny
Throw Venom Knife
Touch of Heal
Tetra Vortex
Tooth Of Warg
Triangle Slot
Tiger Cannon
Thorn Trap
Tinder Breaker
Technique Kaihou
Tuna Belly
Tuna Party
Tasty Shrimp Party