List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Sealed Beelzebub CardItem not in Pre-Renewal
Old Money PocketItem not in Pre-Renewal
Rope GallowsItem not in Pre-RenewalHunting Rope
Chocolate Rice Cake SoupItem not in Pre-RenewalChocolate rice cake soup
September Gift BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSeptember gift box
October Gift BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalOctober gift box
November Gift BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSeptember gift box
December Gift BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalDecember gift box
PC-Room BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalGold PC Cafe Box
New Year's ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
New Year's Shadow CubeItem not in Pre-RenewalNew Year's shadow cube
(Limited)2015 NeuralizerItem not in Pre-Renewal(Limited)2015 Neutralize Rod
(Limited)2015 Status Initialization VolumeItem not in Pre-Renewal(Limited)2015 Reset Coupon
(Limited)Old Status Initialization VolumeItem not in Pre-Renewal(Limited)Old Reset stats coupon
Parchment CityItem not in Pre-RenewalCity Map
Mysterious Blue BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Sealed Card Album Scroll IIItem not in Pre-RenewalSealed Seal Scroll II
[Sale] Battle Manual and Bubble GumItem not in Pre-Renewal[Not for Sale] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum
Kahluna MilkItem not in Pre-Renewal
BasilItem not in Pre-Renewal
[Sale] Small Mana PotionItem not in Pre-Renewal[For Sale]Small Mana Can
Cursed FragmentItem not in Pre-Renewal
[Sale] Slim White Potion BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal[NotForSale] White Slim Potion Box
[NotForSale]Yggdrasil SeedItem not in Pre-Renewal[Not for Sale] Yggdrasil Seed
[Sale] Yggdrasil Seed BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal[NotForSale] Yggdrasil Seed Box
[Sale] Mystic PowderItem not in Pre-Renewal[NotForSale] Mystic Powder
[Sale] Blessing of TyrItem not in Pre-Renewal[NotForSale] Tyr's Blessing
[Sale] Resilience Enhancement PotionItem not in Pre-Renewal[NotForSale] Regeneration Potion
Build Up Potion SSItem not in Pre-Renewal
Build Up Potion SCItem not in Pre-Renewal