List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Refined Great Axe BoxRefined Great Axe Box
Refined Bloody Roar BoxRefined Bloody Roar BoxFall Into The Groove Pack
Refined Hardcover Book BoxRefined Hardcover Book BoxTurkey Day Groove Pack with Gravy
Refined Fireblend BoxRefined Fireblend Box
Refined Immaterial Sword BoxRefined Immaterial Sword BoxBlack Friday Groove Pack
Refined Unholy Touch BoxRefined Unholy Touch BoxCyber Monday Lucky Box
Refined Survivor's Manteau BoxRefined Survivor's Manteau Box
Refined Masquerade BoxRefined Masquerade Box
Refined Helmet of Orc Hero BoxRefined Helmet of Orc Hero Box
Refined Wing of Diablo BoxRefined Wing of Diablo Box
Refined Dark Blinder BoxRefined Dark Blinder Box
Refined Drooping Cat BoxRefined Drooping Cat Box
Refined Corsair BoxRefined Corsair Box
Refined Bloodied Shackle Ball BoxRefined Bloodied Shackle Ball BoxPirate's Booty Box
Refined Spiritual Ring BoxRefined Spiritual Ring Box
I Love You Firecracker BoxI Love You Firecracker Box
Whiteday Firecracker BoxWhiteday Firecracker Box
Valentine's Day Firecracker BoxValentine's Day Firecracker Box
Birthday Firecracker BoxBirthday Firecracker Box
Xmas Firecracker BoxXmas Firecracker Box
Blue Gemstone BoxBlue Gemstone Box
Light Blue Potion BoxLight Blue Potion Box
Food Box Vol 1Food Box Vol 1+20 Basic Food Pack
Food Box Vol 2Food Box Vol 2
Food Box Vol 3Food Box Vol 3
Healing BoxHealing Box
Knife Goblin Taming BoxKnife Goblin Taming Box
Flail Goblin Taming BoxFlail Goblin Taming Box
Hammer Goblin Taming BoxHammer Goblin Taming Box
Red Deleter Taming BoxRed Deleter Taming Box