List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Candy 10 BoxCandy 10 BoxSparkling Candy Box10
Directive Envelope ADirective Envelope A
Directive Envelope BDirective Envelope B
Small Field Manual BoxSmall Field Manual BoxSmall Battle Manual Box
Trial BoxTrial BoxWelcome to Midgard Pack
Repair Weapon Scroll 10 BoxRepair Weapon Scroll 10 BoxRepair Weapon Scroll Box(10)
Hockey Mask BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Observer BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Flying Angel BoxFlying Angel BoxFlapping Angel Wing Box
Neko Mimi BoxNeko Mimi Box
Moonlight Flower Hat BoxMoonlight Flower Hat Box
Baby Chick Hat BoxBaby Chick Hat BoxChick Hat Box
Beauty Gift Certificate BoxBeauty Gift Certificate BoxNew Style Coupon Box
Mage Card BoxMage Card BoxMage Set Card Box
Acolyte Card BoxAcolyte Card BoxAcolyte Set Card Box
Archer Card BoxArcher Card BoxArcher Set Card Box
Swordman Card BoxSwordman Card BoxSwordman Set Card Box
Thief Card BoxThief Card BoxThief Set Card Box
Merchant Card BoxMerchant Card BoxMerchant Set Card Box
Clock Tower Card BoxClock Tower Card Box
Geffenia Card BoxGeffenia Card Box
Owl Card BoxOwl Card Box
Ghost Card BoxGhost Card Box
Nightmare Card BoxNightmare Card Box
Curse Card BoxCurse Card Box
Sleep Card BoxSleep Card Box
Freeze Card BoxFreeze Card Box
Stun Card BoxStun Card Box
Silence Card BoxSilence Card Box
Blind Card BoxBlind Card Box