List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Merchant PackageMerchant Package
Thief PackageThief Package
Western Outlaw BoxWestern Outlaw Box
Lever Action Rifle BoxLever Action Rifle Box
All In One Ring BoxAll In One Ring Box
Spiritual Tunic BoxSpiritual Tunic Box
Recuvative Armor BoxRecuvative Armor Box
Shell Of Resistance BoxShell Of Resistance Box
Silf Manteau BoxSilf Manteau Box
Refresh Shoes BoxRefresh Shoes Box
Crunch Toast BoxCrunch Toast Box
Identification BoxIdentification Box
Mochi BoxMochi Box
Defolty Doll Hat BoxDefolty Doll Hat Box
Glaris Doll Hat BoxGlaris Doll Hat Box
Sorin Doll Hat BoxSorin Doll Hat Box
Tailring Doll Hat BoxTailring Doll Hat BoxTelling Doll Hat Box
Vinit Doll Hat BoxVinit Doll Hat Box
W Doll Hat BoxW Doll Hat Box
Bubble Gum Hat BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalBubble Gum Low Box
Lucky Clip BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalJuly Jubilee Groove Pack
Iron BoxIron Box
Steel BoxSteel Box
Coal BoxCoal Box
Poison Bottle BoxPoison Bottle BoxPoison Bottle 30 Box
Diary Magic Powder BoxDiary Magic Powder Box
Mini Heart Magic Powder BoxMini Heart Magic Powder Box
Freshman Magic Powder BoxFreshman Magic Powder Box
Kid Magic Powder BoxKid Magic Powder Box
Magic Magic Powder BoxMagic Magic Powder Box