List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Quagmire Scroll 10 BoxQuagmire Scroll 10 BoxQuagmire Scroll Box(10)
Quagmire Scroll 30 BoxQuagmire Scroll 30 BoxQuagmire Scroll Box(30)
Quagmire Scroll 50 BoxQuagmire Scroll 50 BoxQuagmire Scroll Box(50)
Healing Staff BoxHealing Staff BoxStaff of Healing Box
Praccsinos BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Cherry Blossom ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
Note Headphones BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Novice Breastplate BoxesItem not in Pre-Renewal
Yggdrasil Berry 10 BoxYggdrasil Berry 10 BoxYggdrasilberry10 Box
Dead Branch 10 BoxDead Branch 10 BoxDead Branch Box(10)
Dead Branch 25 BoxDead Branch 25 BoxDead Branch25 Box
Field Manual 2 BoxField Manual 2 BoxField Manual Box(2)
Steamed Tongue 20 BoxSteamed Tongue 20 BoxSteamed Tongue 60 Box
Steamed Desert Scorpions Box(20)Steamed Desert Scorpions Box(20)Steamed Scorpion 60 Box
Immortal Stew 20 BoxImmortal Stew 20 BoxStew Of Immortality 60 Box
Dragon Breath Cocktail 20 BoxDragon Breath Cocktail 20 BoxDragon Breath Cocktail 60 Box
Hwergelmir's Tonic 20 BoxHwergelmir's Tonic 20 BoxHwergelmir's Tonic 60 Box
Nine Tail Dish 20 BoxNine Tail Dish 20 BoxNine Tail Dish 60 Box
Beholder Ring BoxBeholder Ring BoxNeutral Ring Box
Hallow Ring BoxHallow Ring Box
Clamorous Ring BoxClamorous Ring Box
Chemical Ring BoxChemical Ring Box
Insecticide Ring BoxInsecticide Ring Box
Fisher Ring BoxFisher Ring Box
Decussate Ring BoxDecussate Ring Box
Bloody Ring BoxBloody Ring Box
Satanic Ring BoxSatanic Ring Box
Dragon Ring BoxDragon Ring Box
Beholder Ring Box IIBeholder Ring Box IINeutral Ring Box2
Hallow Ring Box IIHallow Ring Box IIHallow Ring Box2