List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Aspersio Scroll 30 BoxAspersio Scroll 30 BoxAspersio Scroll Box(30)
Aspersio Scroll 50 BoxAspersio Scroll 50 BoxAspersio Scroll Box(50)
Steamed Scorpion 30 BoxSteamed Scorpion 30 Box
Steamed Scorpion 50 BoxSteamed Scorpion 50 Box
Wind Walk Scroll 30 BoxWind Walk Scroll 30 BoxWind Walk Scroll Box(30)
Wind Walk Scroll 50 BoxWind Walk Scroll 50 BoxWind Walk Scroll Box(50)
Dragon Breath Cocktail 30 BoxDragon Breath Cocktail 30 Box
Dragon Breath Cocktail 50 BoxDragon Breath Cocktail 50 Box
Field Manual BoxField Manual Box
Field Manual 5 BoxField Manual 5 BoxField Manual Box(5)
Token of Siegfried 5 BoxToken of Siegfried 5 BoxSiegfried Box5
Token of Siegfried 20 BoxToken of Siegfried 20 BoxToken Of Siegfried 20 Box
Kafra Card 30 BoxKafra Card 30 BoxKafra Card Box(30)
Kafra Card 50 BoxKafra Card 50 BoxKafra Card Box(50)
Steamed Tongue 30 BoxSteamed Tongue 30 Box
Steamed Tongue 50 BoxSteamed Tongue 50 Box
Bubble Gum BoxBubble Gum Box
Bubble Gum 5 BoxBubble Gum 5 BoxBubble Gum Box(5)
Megaphone BoxMegaphone Box
Megaphone 5 BoxMegaphone 5 BoxMegaphone Box(5)
Enriched Elunium 5 BoxEnriched Elunium 5 BoxEnriched Elunium 10 Box
Enriched Oridecon 5 BoxEnriched Oridecon 5 BoxEnriched Oridecon 10 Box
Arrest Handcuffs BoxArrest Handcuffs Box
Super Pet Egg Box 1Super Pet Egg Box 1
Super Pet Egg Box 2Super Pet Egg Box 2
Super Pet Egg Box 3Super Pet Egg Box 3
Super Pet Egg Box 4Super Pet Egg Box 4
Greed Scroll 30 BoxGreed Scroll 30 Box
Greed Scroll 50 BoxGreed Scroll 50 BoxGreed Scroll Box(50)
Greed Scroll 100 BoxGreed Scroll 100 BoxGreed Scroll Box(100)