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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Refined Apple of Archer BoxRefined Apple of Archer Box
Refined Bunny Band BoxRefined Bunny Band Box
Refined Sakkat BoxRefined Sakkat Box
Refined Grand Circlet BoxRefined Grand Circlet Box
Refined Elven Ears BoxRefined Elven Ears Box
Refined Romantic Flower BoxRefined Romantic Flower Box
Refined Critical Ring BoxRefined Critical Ring Box
Refined Earring BoxRefined Earring Box
Refined Ring BoxRefined Ring Box
Refined Necklace BoxRefined Necklace Box
Refined Glove BoxRefined Glove Box
Refined Brooch BoxRefined Brooch Box
Refined Rosary BoxRefined Rosary Box
Refined Safety Ring BoxRefined Safety Ring Box
Refined Vesper Core 01 BoxRefined Vesper Core 01 Box
Refined Vesper Core 02 BoxRefined Vesper Core 02 Box
Refined Vesper Core 03 BoxRefined Vesper Core 03 Box
Refined Vesper Core 04 BoxRefined Vesper Core 04 Box
Refined Drooping Cat BoxRefined Drooping Cat Box
Refined Majestic Goat BoxRefined Majestic Goat Box
Refined Deviruchi Hat BoxRefined Deviruchi Hat Box
Refined Executioner BoxRefined Executioner Box
Refined Bloody Axe BoxRefined Bloody Axe BoxPunksutawney Phil's Lucky Box
Refined Tomahawk BoxRefined Tomahawk BoxSerpent's Surprise
Refined Rudra Bow BoxRefined Rudra Bow BoxTricky Halloween Treat Box
Refined Cutlus BoxRefined Cutlus BoxLovely Groove Pack
Refined Solar Sword BoxRefined Solar Sword Box
Refined Swordbreaker BoxRefined Swordbreaker BoxTricky Halloween Treat Crate
Refined Mailbreaker BoxRefined Mailbreaker BoxYule Love This Lucky Box
Refined Moonlight Dagger BoxRefined Moonlight Dagger BoxApocalypse Survivor Fire Sale Box