List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
F Vit Dish10F Vit Dish10Stew Of Immortality
F WOB RuneF WOB RuneYellow Butterfly Wing
F WOB SchwarzF WOB SchwarzGreen Butterfly Wing
F WOB RachelF WOB RachelRed Butterfly Wing
F WOB LocalF WOB LocalBlue Butterfly Wing
F Greed ScrollF Greed ScrollGreed Scroll
F Glass Of IllusionF Glass Of IllusionGlass Of Illusion
F AbrasiveF AbrasiveAbrasive
F Med Life PotionF Med Life PotionMedium Life Potion
F Small Life PotionF Small Life PotionSmall Life Potion
F Regeneration PotionF Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion
F B Mdef PotionF B Mdef PotionLarge Magic Defense Potion
F S Mdef PotionF S Mdef PotionSmall Magic Defense Potion
F B Def PotionF B Def PotionBig Defense Potion
F S Def PotionF S Def PotionSmall Defense Potion
F Blessing 10 ScrollF Blessing 10 ScrollLevel 10 Blessing Scroll
F Inc Agi 10 ScrollF Inc Agi 10 ScrollLevel 10 Increase Agility Scroll
F Aspersio 5 ScrollF Aspersio 5 ScrollLV5 Aspersio Scroll
F Wind Walk 10 ScrollF Wind Walk 10 ScrollLV10 Wind Walker Scroll
F Adrenaline ScrollF Adrenaline ScrollLV5 Adrenaline Scroll
F Convex MirrorF Convex MirrorConvex Mirror
RWC Parti BoxRWC Parti BoxParticipant's Request Box
RWC Final Comp BoxRWC Final Comp BoxRWC Final Event Memorial Box
Cure FreeCure Free
PCBang Coupon Box3PCBang Coupon Box3PCRoom Coupon Box
Gift BundleGift BundleProntera Costume Pack
Chance BoxChance BoxOpportunity Of Box
Caracas Ring BoxCaracas Ring Box
Attend 3Day BoxAttend 3Day BoxAttendance 3rd Box
Attend 7Day BoxAttend 7Day BoxAttendance 7th Box