List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Stat Boost 2Stat Boost 2
Stat Boost 3Stat Boost 3
Stat Boost 4Stat Boost 4
Christmas Pet ScrollChristmas Pet ScrollSweet Pet Scroll
Fisherman ScrollFisherman ScrollRWC Gear Set
Peco Peco Hairband BoxPeco Peco Hairband BoxPecopeco Hairband Box
Red Glasses BoxRed Glasses Box
Whisper Mask BoxWhisper Mask Box
Ramen Hat BoxRamen Hat Box
Clothing Dye Coupon BoxClothing Dye Coupon Box
Clothing Dye Coupon Box IIClothing Dye Coupon Box II
Mercenary Contract BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Mercenary Contract Box 5eaItem not in Pre-RenewalMercenary Contract Box(5)
Mercenary Contract Box 10eaItem not in Pre-RenewalMercenary Contract Box(10)
Angel ScrollAngel Scroll
Devil ScrollDevil Scroll
Surprise ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
RWC Special ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
RWC Limited ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
Ardor ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
July7 ScrollJuly7 ScrollLove Scroll
Bacsojin ScrollBacsojin ScrollWhite Lady Scroll
Holy Sabre BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Book of Prayer BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalBook Of Prayer Box
Phenomena Whip BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Staff of Darkness BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalStaff Of Darkness Box
Monk Knuckle BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Mace of Madness BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalMace Of Madness Box
Spear of Excellent BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSpear Of Excellent Box
Bow of Evil BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalBow Of Evil Box