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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Morning DewMorning Dew
Well Ripened BerryWell Ripened BerryWell-Ripened Berry
Sunset On The RockSunset On The RockSunset on the Rock
Apple PuddingApple Pudding
Plant NeutrientPlant NeutrientPlant Nutrient
Vital FlowerVital FlowerYellow Vital Flower
Mystic StoneMystic Stone
Fresh PlantFresh PlantFresh Salad
Vital FlowerVital FlowerBlue Vital Flower
Flame GemstoneFlame Gemstone
Succubus Pet Exchange CouponSuccubus Pet Exchange CouponSuccubus Pet Coupon
Imp Pet Exchange CouponImp Pet Exchange CouponImp Pet Coupon
Chung E Exchange CouponChung E Exchange CouponChung E Pet Coupon
Cow LeatherCow Leather
Face PaintFace Paint
Makeover BrushMakeover Brush
Paint BrushPaint Brush
Surface PaintSurface Paint
Wolf FluteWolf Flute
Spring Time BoxSpring Time BoxBunny Box
Summer Happy BoxSummer Happy Box
Purification StonePurification Stone
Nightmare Terror Exchange CouponNightmare Terror Exchange CouponNightmare Pet Ticket
Loli Ruri Exchange CouponLoli Ruri Exchange CouponLoli Ruri Pet Ticket
Goblin Leader Exchange CouponGoblin Leader Exchange CouponGoblin Leader Pet Ticket
Incubus Exchange CouponIncubus Exchange CouponIncubus Pet Ticket
Miyabi Ningyo Exchange CouponMiyabi Ningyo Exchange CouponMiyabi Ningyo Pet Ticket
Giant Whisper Exchange CouponGiant Whisper Exchange CouponWhisper Pet Ticket