List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Raw Crystal Stone FragmentItem not in Pre-RenewalSang Stone Fragment
Raw Crystal StoneItem not in Pre-RenewalSang Stone
Raw Crystal Stone MassItem not in Pre-Renewal
Idul Fitri CardItem not in Pre-RenewalKartu Lebaran
Ripe WatermelonItem not in Pre-Renewal
Special MedalItem not in Pre-Renewal
New InsuranceItem not in Pre-Renewal
Ragunta CardItem not in Pre-RenewalAmong The Other Card
Strange EmbryoItem not in Pre-Renewal
Pet ExchangeItem not in Pre-RenewalAround The Exchange Carpet Coupon
Silvervine FruitItem not in Pre-Renewal
A Grade CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalA Class Coin
B Grade CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalB Class Coin
C Grade CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalC Class Coin
D Grade CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalD Class Coin
E Grade CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalE Class Coin
Sea God's WrathItem not in Pre-RenewalSeagod's Anger
Spirit PieceItem not in Pre-Renewal
Halloween CertificateItem not in Pre-Renewal
Bad Canned FoodItem not in Pre-RenewalPoor Can
Bad Canned Food SackItem not in Pre-RenewalPoor Can Sack
Adventure Card AItem not in Pre-Renewal
Adventure Card BItem not in Pre-Renewal
Picture FragmentItem not in Pre-Renewal
PailItem not in Pre-RenewalBucket
Full PailItem not in Pre-RenewalFull Bucket
Cleaning BrushItem not in Pre-Renewal
Fix KitItem not in Pre-RenewalFixing Kit
Fresh FruitItem not in Pre-Renewal
Sea God's CallItem not in Pre-RenewalSeagod's Protection