List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Crucian CarpItem not in Pre-Renewal
Earthworms AliveItem not in Pre-RenewalLiving Earthworm
Fresh ShrimpItem not in Pre-RenewalFresh Lobster
Squid SkewerItem not in Pre-Renewal
Source Of FantasyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Squid BarbecueItem not in Pre-Renewal
Long FirewoodItem not in Pre-Renewal
Rose KnifeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Customized PlatesItem not in Pre-Renewal
Ticket Special RO2Item not in Pre-Renewal
RO2 Name CardItem not in Pre-Renewal
11th Anniversary CoinItem not in Pre-Renewal10th Anniversary Coin
Fragments Of GiganItem not in Pre-RenewalShard of Gigantes
Organic PumpkinItem not in Pre-Renewal
Inorganic PumpkinItem not in Pre-RenewalINORGANIC PUMPKIN
Kafra TicketItem not in Pre-Renewal
Swordman SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Swordman
Merchant SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Merchant
Thief SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Thief
Mage SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Mage
Archer SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Archer
Acolyte SoulItem not in Pre-RenewalSoul of Acolyte
Energy FragmentItem not in Pre-Renewal
Single Union BadgeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Experimental Dong Memory RecordItem not in Pre-RenewalLaboratories Memory Record
Air Cleaner BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalAir Purifier Box
Fresh GrapesItem not in Pre-RenewalFresh Grape
Complete Machine PartsItem not in Pre-RenewalIntact Machine Component
Gravity Safety DeviceItem not in Pre-Renewal
Questioned PartsItem not in Pre-RenewalMysterious Part