List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
(Limited) Token of ZiegfriedItem not in Pre-Renewal
Legendary FurItem not in Pre-Renewal
Legendary ManeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Talisman Of SoulItem not in Pre-Renewal
Piece Of Soul MouseItem not in Pre-Renewal
Secret Orders Of Prophet KItem not in Pre-Renewal
Gold Choco CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalGold Chocolate Coin
Silver Choco CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalSilver Chocolate Coin
Bronze Choco CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalBronze Chocolate Coin
Huge JeweryItem not in Pre-RenewalHuge Jewelry
Thin RingItem not in Pre-Renewal
Mild StoneItem not in Pre-Renewal
That ThingItem not in Pre-RenewalNatural Fertilizer
Very Small BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalTiny Box
Light BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Request Complete CertificateItem not in Pre-RenewalQuest Completion Certificate
Questionable BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalSuspicious Box
Questionable DocumentItem not in Pre-RenewalSuspicious Document
Super CorrectorItem not in Pre-RenewalSuper Neutralizer
Thanks BouquetItem not in Pre-RenewalGratitude Bouquet
Novus CapturedItem not in Pre-RenewalCaptured Novus
Tatacho CapturedItem not in Pre-RenewalCaptured Tatacho
Manuscript Written By PigoreumItem not in Pre-RenewalManuscript Written by Pilgrim
Very Hard StoneItem not in Pre-RenewalSolid Stone
Lude CapturedItem not in Pre-RenewalCaptured Lude
Wanderer CapturedItem not in Pre-RenewalCaptured Wanderman
Piece Of Soul CowItem not in Pre-Renewal
Piece Of Soul TigerItem not in Pre-Renewal
Strong Piece Of Soul TigerItem not in Pre-Renewal
Safe to 19 Weapon CertificateItem not in Pre-Renewal