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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Manuk Selling ItemManuk Selling Item
Japan Book1Japan Book1Japanese Book 1
Japan Book2Japan Book2Japanese Book 2
Mix Cook BookMix Cook BookCooking Book: Mix Cooking
Increase Stamina StudyIncrease Stamina StudyHow To Increase Stamina
Vital Drink CBVital Drink CBHow To Increase Vitality
Swordman Book BasicSwordman Book Basic
Swordman Book PracticeSwordman Book Practice
Swrodman Book MiscSwrodman Book Misc
Thief Book BasicThief Book Basic
Thief Book PracticeThief Book Practice
Thief Book MiscThief Book Misc
Archer Book BasicArcher Book Basic
Archer Book PracticeArcher Book Practice
Archer Book MiscArcher Book Misc
Acol Book BasicAcol Book Basic
Acol Book PracticeAcol Book Practice
Acol Book MiscAcol Book Misc
Mage Book BasicMage Book Basic
Mage Book PracticeMage Book Practice
Mage Book MiscMage Book Misc
Mer Book BasicMer Book Basic
Mer Book PracticeMer Book Practice
Mer Book MiscMer Book Misc
TK Book BasicTK Book Basic
TK Book PracticeTK Book Practice
TK Book MiscTK Book Misc
Ninja Book BasicNinja Book Basic
Ninja Book PracticeNinja Book Practice
Ninja Book MiscNinja Book Misc