List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Warlock's Battle Robe [1]Warlock's Battle Robe [1]
Medic's Robe [1]Medic's Robe [1]
Elite Archer Suit [1]Elite Archer Suit [1]
Elite Shooter Suit [1]Elite Shooter Suit [1]
Brynhild [0]Brynhild [0]
Spiritual Tunic [0]Spiritual Tunic [0]Spritual Tunic
Recuperative Armor [0]Recuperative Armor [0]
Chameleon Armor [0]Chameleon Armor [0]
Sprint Mail [1]Sprint Mail [1]
Kandura [1]Kandura [1]
Armor of Naga [1]Armor of Naga [1]
Improved Tights [1]Improved Tights [1]
Life Link [1]Life Link [1]
Old Green Pantie [0]Old Green Pantie [0]
Novice Adventurer's Suit [1]Novice Adventurer's Suit [1]
Glorious Suit [0]Glorious Suit [0]
Glorious Popularized Suit [0]Glorious Popularized Suit [0]
Glorious Mass-Production Suit [0]Glorious Mass-Production Suit [0]
Incredible Event Resignation Coat [0]Incredible Event Resignation Coat [0]Jacket of Incredible showman
Sniping Suit [1]Sniping Suit [1]
Dragon Vest [1]Dragon Vest [1]
Sandals [0]Sandals [0]
Sandals [1]Sandals [1]
Shoes [0]Shoes [0]
Shoes [1]Shoes [1]
Boots [0]Boots [0]
Boots [1]Boots [1]
Crystal Pumps [0]Crystal Pumps [0]
Shackles [0]Shackles [0]
High Heels [0]High Heels [0]