List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Fisherman's Shoes [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalFisherman Shoes
Shoes Of Wise Man [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Exorcist's Shoes [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalShoes of Time
Boots of Gray [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalBoots Of Gray
Crimson Gaiter [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Heoric Nepenthes Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalHero Nependess Shoes
Heroic Silver Fox Leather Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalHero Silverleather Boots
Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalHero Ungoliant Boots
Talaria Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalTararia
Supplement Part Agi [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Reinforced Parts - Booster [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalUpgrade Part - Booster
Summer Sandals [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Airship's Boots [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Felrock's Boots [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Aegir Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalEgir Shoes
Thorny Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalThorn Shoes
Shoe of Witch [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalWitch Shoes
Lian Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalLien Shoes
Hikingboots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalHiking Boots
Rift Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalShoes of Rift
Wooden Slipper [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Red Eco-Friendly Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalRed Eco-friendly Boots
Unity STR Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalStrength Boots of Solidarity
Unity AGI Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalAgility Boots of Solidarity
Unity DEX Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalDexterity Boots of Solidarity
Unity INT Boots [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalIntellegent Boots of Solidarity
Polyhedron Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalTrapezohedron Shoes
Private Doram Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Luxury Doram Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Elegant Doram Shoes [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal