List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Armor Charm [0]Armor Charm [0]
Laboratory Permit [0]Laboratory Permit [0]
Nile Rose [1]Nile Rose [1]
Vesper Core 01 [0]Vesper Core 01 [0]
Vesper Core 02 [0]Vesper Core 02 [0]
Vesper Core 03 [0]Vesper Core 03 [0]
Vesper Core 04 [0]Vesper Core 04 [0]
Gauntlet of Hit [0]Gauntlet of Hit [0]Gauntlet Of Accuracy
Belcarf [0]Belcarf [0]Belt Scarf
Exorcising Ring [0]Exorcising Ring [0]
Lantern of Hope [0]Lantern of Hope [0]
Renown Archer's Gloves [0]Renown Archer's Gloves [0]
Woman Glory [0]Woman Glory [0]
RJC Necklace [1]RJC Necklace [1]
Ring of Longing [0]Ring of Longing [0]
Bow Thimble [1]Bow Thimble [1]
3rd Anniversary Celebration Ring [0]3rd Anniversary Celebration Ring [0]
Warrior's Shining Ring [0]Warrior's Shining Ring [0]
Ring of Honor [0]Ring of Honor [0]
Lord Ring [0]Lord Ring [0]
Hunter's Earring [0]Hunter's Earring [0]
Spiritual Ring [0]Spiritual Ring [0]
Ring Of Flame Lord [0]Ring Of Flame Lord [0]
Ring Of Resonance [0]Ring Of Resonance [0]
Lesser Elemental Ring [0]Lesser Elemental Ring [0]
Republic Anniversary Ring [0]Republic Anniversary Ring [0]
Ring of Water [0]Ring of Water [0]Ring Of Water
Ring of Fire [0]Ring of Fire [0]Ring Of Fire
Ring of Wind [0]Ring of Wind [0]Ring Of Wind
Ring of Earth [0]Ring of Earth [0]Ring Of Earth