List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Cold Heart [0]Cold Heart [0]
Black Cat [0]Black Cat [0]
Cursed Star [0]Cursed Star [0]
Linen Glove [1]Linen Glove [1]
Summer Night Dream [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Academy Of Badge [0]Academy Of Badge [0]Academy Badge
Praccsinos [0]Praccsinos [0]Fraxinus
Beholder Ring [0]Beholder Ring [0]Neutral Ring
Hallow Ring [0]Hallow Ring [0]
Clamorous Ring [0]Clamorous Ring [0]
Chemical Ring [0]Chemical Ring [0]
Insecticide Ring [0]Insecticide Ring [0]
Fischer Ring [0]Fischer Ring [0]Fisher Ring
Decussate Ring [0]Decussate Ring [0]
Bloody Ring [0]Bloody Ring [0]
Satanic Ring [0]Satanic Ring [0]
Dragon Ring [0]Dragon Ring [0]
Neo Skull Ring [0]Neo Skull Ring [0]
Small Fishing Rod [0]Small Fishing Rod [0]
Novice Figure [0]Novice Figure [0]
Swordman Figure [0]Swordman Figure [0]
Acolyte Figure [0]Acolyte Figure [0]
Mage Figure [0]Mage Figure [0]
Archer Figure [0]Archer Figure [0]
Thief Figure [0]Thief Figure [0]
Merchant Figure [0]Merchant Figure [0]
Glorious Ring [0]Glorious Ring [0]
Glorious Mass-Production Ring [0]Glorious Mass-Production Ring [0]Glorious Popularized Ring
Glorious Popularized Ring [0]Glorious Popularized Ring [0]Glorious Mass-Production Ring
Lure [0]Lure [0]