List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Safety Helmet [0]Safety Helmet [0]
Indian Fillet [0]Indian Fillet [0]
Aerial [0]Aerial [0]
Ph.D Hat [0]Ph.D Hat [0]
Lord Kaho's Horn [0]Lord Kaho's Horn [0]
Fin Helm [0]Fin Helm [0]
Egg Shell [0]Egg Shell [0]
Boy's Cap [0]Boy's Cap [0]
Bone Helm [0]Bone Helm [0]
Feather Bonnet [0]Feather Bonnet [0]
Corsair [0]Corsair [0]
Kafra Band [0]Kafra Band [0]
Grief for Greed [0]Grief for Greed [0]
Hat of the Sun God [0]Hat of the Sun God [0]
Parcel Hat [0]Parcel Hat [0]
Cake Hat [0]Cake Hat [0]
Helm of Angel [0]Helm of Angel [0]
Chef Hat [0]Chef Hat [0]
Mage Hat [0]Mage Hat [0]
Candle [0]Candle [0]
Spore Hat [0]Spore Hat [0]
Panda Hat [0]Panda Hat [0]
Mine Hat [0]Mine Hat [0]
Sunday Hat [0]Sunday Hat [0]
Raccoon Hat [0]Raccoon Hat [0]
Bulb Band [0]Bulb Band [0]
Poring Hat [0]Poring Hat [0]
Cross Hat [0]Cross Hat [0]
Nut Shell [0]Nut Shell [0]
Deviruchi Hat [0]Deviruchi Hat [0]