List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Rainbow Eggshell [0]Rainbow Eggshell [0]
Blush [0]Blush [0]
Heart Hairpin [0]Heart Hairpin [0]
Bao Bao [0]Bao Bao [0]
Opera Phantom Mask [0]Opera Phantom Mask [0]
Evil Wing Ears [0]Evil Wing Ears [0]Devil Wings
Magician Hat [0]Magician Hat [0]
Bongun Hat [0]Bongun Hat [0]
Fashionable Glasses [0]Fashionable Glasses [0]
Cresent Hairpin [0]Cresent Hairpin [0]
Striped Hairband [0]Striped Hairband [0]
Wonder Nutshell [0]Wonder Nutshell [0]
Pussy Cat Bell [0]Pussy Cat Bell [0]
Blue Hairband [0]Blue Hairband [0]
Sphinx Hat [0]Sphinx Hat [0]
Assassin Mask [0]Assassin Mask [0]
Novice False Eggshell [0]Novice False Eggshell [0]
Fruit of Love [0]Fruit of Love [0]
Black Cat Ears [0]Black Cat Ears [0]
Drooping Cat [0]Drooping Cat [0]
Teddybear Hat [0]Teddybear Hat [0]
Party Hat [0]Party Hat [0]
Flower Hairpin [0]Flower Hairpin [0]
Straw Hat [0]Straw Hat [0]
Giant Band Aid [0]Giant Band Aid [0]
Smokie Leaf [0]Smokie Leaf [0]
Blue Fish [0]Blue Fish [0]
Succubus Horn [0]Succubus Horn [0]
Sombrero [0]Sombrero [0]
Evil Wing Ears [0]Evil Wing Ears [0]