List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Autumn Leaves [0]Autumn Leaves [0]Hat of Falling Leaf
Independence Memorial Hat [1]Independence Memorial Hat [1]
Black Ribbon [1]Black Ribbon [1]
Yellow Ribbon [1]Yellow Ribbon [1]
Green Ribbon [1]Green Ribbon [1]
Pink Ribbon [1]Pink Ribbon [1]
Red Ribbon [1]Red Ribbon [1]
Orange Ribbon [1]Orange Ribbon [1]
White Ribbon [1]White Ribbon [1]
Drooping Bunny [0]Drooping Bunny [0]Evolved Drooping Bunny
Baseball Cap [0]Baseball Cap [0]
Coppola [0]Coppola [0]
Party Hat [0]Party Hat [0]
Fantastic Pumpkin-Head [0]Fantastic Pumpkin-Head [0]
Smiling Mask [0]Smiling Mask [0]
Rudolph's Nose [0]Rudolph's Nose [0]
Emperor's Laurel Crown [0]Emperor's Laurel Crown [0]Emperor's Wreath
Romantic White Flower [0]Romantic White Flower [0]
Angel Blessing [0]Angel Blessing [0]Angel's Blessing
Rideword Hat [1]Rideword Hat [1]
Love Dad Cap [0]Love Dad Cap [0]Yellow Baseball
Flapping Angel Wing [0]Flapping Angel Wing [0]
Dress Hat [1]Dress Hat [1]
Satellite Hairband [1]Satellite Hairband [1]
Sheila Hairnet [0]Sheila Hairnet [0]Black Bunny Band
Moonlight Flower Hat [0]Moonlight Flower Hat [0]
Evolved Angel Wing [0]Evolved Angel Wing [0]
Evolved Evil Wing [0]Evolved Evil Wing [0]
Evolved Majestic Goat [0]Evolved Majestic Goat [0]Evolved Magestic Goat
Evolved Bunny Band [0]Evolved Bunny Band [0]