List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Refined Drooping Cat [0]Refined Drooping Cat [0]
Baphomet Horns [0]Baphomet Horns [0]
Refined Deviruchi Hat [0]Refined Deviruchi Hat [0]
Europe Baseball Cap [1]Europe Baseball Cap [1]
Chick Hat [0]Chick Hat [0]
Water Lily Crown [1]Water Lily Crown [1]
Vane Hairpin [1]Vane Hairpin [1]
Pecopeco Hairband [0]Pecopeco Hairband [0]
Vacation Hat [1]Vacation Hat [1]
Red Glasses [0]Red Glasses [0]
Vanilmirth Hat [0]Vanilmirth Hat [0]
Drooping Bunny [0]Drooping Bunny [0]
Kettle Hat [0]Kettle Hat [0]
Dragon Skull [0]Dragon Skull [0]
Ramen Hat [0]Ramen Hat [0]
Whisper Mask [0]Whisper Mask [0]
Golden Bandana [0]Golden Bandana [0]
Drooping Nine Tail [1]Drooping Nine Tail [1]
Soul Wing [1]Soul Wing [1]
Dokebi's Wig [1]Dokebi's Wig [1]
Pagdayaw [1]Pagdayaw [1]
Bullock Helm [0]Bullock Helm [0]Champion Helm
Victory Hairband [0]Victory Hairband [0]
Flower Lily [0]Flower Lily [0]Water Lily Hat
Flower Crown [0]Flower Crown [0]Flower Wreath
Cap Of Blindness [1]Cap Of Blindness [1]
Pirate Dagger [0]Pirate Dagger [0]
Freya's Crown [0]Freya's Crown [0]Freyja Crown
Carmen Miranda's Hat [1]Carmen Miranda's Hat [1]
Brazil National Flag Hat [1]Brazil National Flag Hat [1]Brazilian Flag Hat