List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Wool Mask [0]Wool Mask [0]
Shining Electric Bulb Hairband [1]Shining Electric Bulb Hairband [1]
Large Hisbiscus [1]Large Hisbiscus [1]
Ayothaya King's Hat [1]Ayothaya King's Hat [1]
Diadem [1]Diadem [1]
Hockey Mask [0]Hockey Mask [0]
Observer [0]Observer [0]
Umbrella Hat [0]Umbrella Hat [0]
Fisherman's Hat [0]Fisherman's Hat [0]Fisherman Hat
Poring Party Hat [0]Poring Party Hat [0]
Hello Mother Hat [1]Hello Mother Hat [1]Arc Angeling Hat
Champion Wreath [0]Champion Wreath [0]
Bandana Merah Putih [0]Bandana Merah Putih [0]Indonesian Bandana
Kerchief [0]Kerchief [0]Scarf
Misstrance Crown [0]Misstrance Crown [0]
Little Angel Doll [0]Little Angel Doll [0]
Robo Eye [0]Robo Eye [0]
Masquerade C [0]Masquerade C [0]
Refined Helmet of Orc Hero [0]Refined Helmet of Orc Hero [0]
Evil Wing Ears C [0]Evil Wing Ears C [0]
Dark Blindfold C [0]Dark Blindfold C [0]Costume: Dark Blindfold
kRO Drooping Kitty C [0]kRO Drooping Kitty C [0]
Corsair C [0]Corsair C [0]
Loki Mask [0]Loki Mask [0]
Radio Antenna [0]Radio Antenna [0]
Flapping Angeling [1]Flapping Angeling [1]
Jumping Poring [0]Jumping Poring [0]
Guildsman Recruiter Hat [0]Guildsman Recruiter Hat [0]
Party Recruiter Hat [0]Party Recruiter Hat [0]
BF Recruiter Hat [0]BF Recruiter Hat [0]Bf Recruiter Hat