List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Mandragora Cap [1]Mandragora Cap [1]
Fox Hat [0]Fox Hat [0]
Black Frame Glasses [0]Black Frame Glasses [0]
Mischievous Fairy [0]Mischievous Fairy [0]
Fish In Mouth [0]Fish In Mouth [0]
Blue Ribbon [1]Blue Ribbon [1]
Filir Hat [0]Filir Hat [0]
Academy Freshman Hat [0]Academy Freshman Hat [0]Clergyman Grad Hat
Academy Completion Hat [0]Academy Completion Hat [0]Magician Grad Hat
Old Bandana [0]Old Bandana [0]
Purple Cowboy Hat [1]Purple Cowboy Hat [1]
Brown Paperbag Hat [0]Brown Paperbag Hat [0]
White Snake Hat [0]White Snake Hat [0]
Sweet Candy [0]Sweet Candy [0]Lollipop
Pop Corn Hat [0]Pop Corn Hat [0]Popcorn Hat
Camp Fire Hat [0]Camp Fire Hat [0]Campfire Hat
Poring Cake Hat [0]Poring Cake Hat [0]
Beer Hat [0]Beer Hat [0]
Crown Parrots [1]Crown Parrots [1]
Legionnaire Hat [1]Legionnaire Hat [1]Soldier Hat
Leaves Of Grass [0]Leaves Of Grass [0]Evolved Leaf
Mask Of Ifrit [1]Mask Of Ifrit [1]Ifrit Mask
Ears Of Ifrit [0]Ears Of Ifrit [0]Ifrit's Ears
Linguistic Book Hat [0]Linguistic Book Hat [0]
I Love China [0]I Love China [0]I LOVE CHINA
Fanta Orange Can Hat [1]Fanta Orange Can Hat [1]
Fanta Grape Can Hat [1]Fanta Grape Can Hat [1]
Karada Meguricha Hat [1]Karada Meguricha Hat [1]Creative Convention Cap
Black Tea Kochakaden Hat [1]Black Tea Kochakaden Hat [1]Creative Convention Chapeau
RWC Anniversary Bread Envelope [0]RWC Anniversary Bread Envelope [0]Dull Paper Bag