List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Bogy Cap [1]Bogy Cap [1]Hobgoblin's Hat
Torch Cap [0]Torch Cap [0]Promethean Crown
Chicken Hat [1]Chicken Hat [1]
bRO 4th Anniversary Hat [0]bRO 4th Anniversary Hat [0]
Golden Laurel [0]Golden Laurel [0]Champion's Wreath
Cola Can [1]Cola Can [1]Coca-Cola Bottle
Red Minstrel Hat [1]Red Minstrel Hat [1]Classic Creative Cap
Bride's Corolla [0]Bride's Corolla [0]
Fairy Flower [1]Fairy Flower [1]
Cute Green Ribbon [0]Cute Green Ribbon [0]
Cute Red Ribbon [0]Cute Red Ribbon [0]
Cute Blue Ribbon [0]Cute Blue Ribbon [0]
Cute White Ribbon [0]Cute White Ribbon [0]
Necktie [1]Necktie [1]
Statue Of Baby Angel [1]Statue Of Baby Angel [1]
Hair Brush [0]Hair Brush [0]
Candy Cane In Mouth [0]Candy Cane In Mouth [0]
Catfoot Hairpin [1]Catfoot Hairpin [1]
Frog Hat [0]Frog Hat [0]
Indifferent Solo Hat [1]Indifferent Solo Hat [1]
Angry Solo Hat [1]Angry Solo Hat [1]
Solar Hat [0]Solar Hat [0]
RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Gold [1]RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Gold [1]Costume Gold Dragonhelm
RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Silver [1]RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Silver [1]Silver Dragonhelm
RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Copper [1]RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Copper [1]Copper Dragonhelm
Puppy Hat [1]Puppy Hat [1]
Decorative Geographer [1]Decorative Geographer [1]
Summer Hat [0]Summer Hat [0]
Moon Rabbit Hat [1]Moon Rabbit Hat [1]
Pinwheel Hat [0]Pinwheel Hat [0]