List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Drooping Bunny [0]Drooping Bunny [0]
Evolved Dragon Skull Hat [0]Evolved Dragon Skull Hat [0]
Evolved Whisper Mask [0]Evolved Whisper Mask [0]
Spiked Scarf [0]Spiked Scarf [0]
Rainbow Scarf [0]Rainbow Scarf [0]
Zaha Doll Hat [1]Zaha Doll Hat [1]
Hat Of Fortune [1]Hat Of Fortune [1]
Wind Milestone [1]Wind Milestone [1]Wind's Guide
Helm Of Dragon [1]Helm Of Dragon [1]Dragon Helm
Parade Hat [1]Parade Hat [1]
Musketeer Hat [1]Musketeer Hat [1]
Eye Of Darkness [0]Eye Of Darkness [0]Darkness Eyes
Hairband Of Reginleif [0]Hairband Of Reginleif [0]Reginrev's Wings
Red Hat [0]Red Hat [0]Red White Cap
Nipper Crab Hairpin [0]Nipper Crab Hairpin [0]Crab Nipper Hat
AFK Hat [0]AFK Hat [0]
Mask Cube [0]Mask Cube [0]Gozarian Mask
Grand Peco Hairband [0]Grand Peco Hairband [0]Grand Peco Headdress
Brazilian Flag Hat [1]Brazilian Flag Hat [1]
Classic Hat [0]Classic Hat [0]
Shaman's Hair Decoration [0]Shaman's Hair Decoration [0]
Bijofnil Wings [0]Bijofnil Wings [0]
Hermode Cap [1]Hermode Cap [1]
Dark Knight Mask [0]Dark Knight Mask [0]
Odin Mask [0]Odin Mask [0]
Holidays Hat [0]Holidays Hat [0]
Tiger Face [0]Tiger Face [0]
Anniversary Hat [0]Anniversary Hat [0]
Poring Cake Hat [0]Poring Cake Hat [0]
Twin Santa Hat [0]Twin Santa Hat [0]Cute Santa Hat