List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
TE Woe Two Handed Axe [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalTE WoE TwoHand Axe
Spear of Vicious Mind [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalVicious Mind Spear
Javelin [3]Javelin [3]
Javelin [4]Javelin [4]
Javelin [0]Javelin [0]
Spear [3]Spear [3]
Spear [4]Spear [4]
Spear [0]Spear [0]
Pike [3]Pike [3]
Pike [4]Pike [4]
Pike [0]Pike [0]
Lance [0]Lance [0]
Lance [0]Lance [0]
Lance [0]Lance [0]
Gungnir [0]Gungnir [0]
Gelerdria [0]Gelerdria [0]
Brocca [0]Brocca [0]
Tjungkuletti [0]Tjungkuletti [0]
Pole Axe [1]Pole Axe [1]
Gungnir [2]Gungnir [2]
Pole Axe [0]Pole Axe [0]Rental Pole Axe
Long Horn [1]Long Horn [1]
Battle Hook [1]Battle Hook [1]
Hunting Spear [1]Hunting Spear [1]
Pole XO [0]Pole XO [0]
Refined Brocca [0]Refined Brocca [0]
Assaulter Spear [0]Assaulter Spear [0]Brave Spear
Glorious Spear [0]Glorious Spear [0]
Spear Of Excellent [0]Spear Of Excellent [0]
Long Horn [1]Long Horn [1]