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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Eden Book I [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalEden Group Dictionary I
Cold Magic Book [2]Item not in Pre-RenewalChilly Spell Book
Upg Book [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalUpgrade Book
Vellum Bible [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalBellum Bible
Vellum Great Encyclopedia [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalBellum Encyclopedia
Metal Book [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Legacy of Dragon [2]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Daizenshu Dakatsu [2]Item not in Pre-RenewalSnake Encyclopedia
TE Woe Book [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalWoE TE Book
Earth Pedigree Book [2]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Half BF Book2 [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Angra Manyu [0]Angra Manyu [0]
Rod of Vicious Mind [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalRod of Evil Spirit
Rod [3]Rod [3]
Rod [4]Rod [4]
Rod [0]Rod [0]
Wand [2]Wand [2]
Wand [3]Wand [3]
Wand [0]Wand [0]
Staff [2]Staff [2]
Staff [3]Staff [3]
Staff [0]Staff [0]
Arc Wand [1]Arc Wand [1]
Arc Wand [2]Arc Wand [2]
Arc Wand [0]Arc Wand [0]
Mighty Staff [0]Mighty Staff [0]
Wand of Occult [0]Wand of Occult [0]
Evil Bone Wand [0]Evil Bone Wand [0]
Wing Staff [0]Wing Staff [0]
Survivor's Rod [0]Survivor's Rod [0]Survivor's Rod (Dex)