List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Jujube Dagger [0]Jujube Dagger [0]
Dragon Killer [0]Dragon Killer [0]
Ginnungagap [0]Ginnungagap [0]
Cowardice Blade [1]Cowardice Blade [1]
Cowardice Blade [2]Cowardice Blade [2]
Angelic Wing Dagger [1]Angelic Wing Dagger [1]
Khukri [0]Khukri [0]
Jitte [0]Jitte [0]
Jitte [1]Jitte [1]
Kamaitachi [0]Kamaitachi [0]
Asura [2]Asura [2]
Asura [3]Asura [3]
Murasame [1]Murasame [1]
Murasame [2]Murasame [2]
Hakujin [0]Hakujin [0]
Hakujin [1]Hakujin [1]
Poison Knife [2]Poison Knife [2]
Ice Pick [1]Ice Pick [1]
Sucsamad [1]Sucsamad [1]
Ginnungagap [1]Ginnungagap [1]
Warrior's Balmung [0]Warrior's Balmung [0]
Combat Knife [0]Combat Knife [0]Rental Combat Knife
Dagger of Counter [0]Dagger of Counter [0]Rental Dagger of Counter
Ashura [0]Ashura [0]Rental Asura
Refined Swordbreaker [0]Refined Swordbreaker [0]
Refined Mailbreaker [0]Refined Mailbreaker [0]
Moonlight Dagger [0]Moonlight Dagger [0]
Scalpel [3]Scalpel [3]
Tooth Blade [1]Tooth Blade [1]
Prinsense Knife [0]Prinsense Knife [0]