List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Giant Hornet CardGiant Hornet Card
Zhu Po Long CardZhu Po Long Card
Shell Fish CardShell Fish Card
Zombie Master CardZombie Master Card
Zombie Prisoner CardZombie Prisoner Card
Lord of The Dead CardLord of The Dead CardLord of the Dead Card
Zealotus CardZealotus Card
Gibbet CardGibbet Card
Earth Deleter CardEarth Deleter Card
Geographer CardGeographer Card
Zipper Bear CardZipper Bear Card
Tengu CardTengu Card
Greatest General CardGreatest General Card
Chepet CardChepet Card
Choco CardChoco Card
Karakasa CardKarakasa Card
Kapha CardKapha Card
Carat CardCarat Card
Caterpillar CardCaterpillar Card
Cat O' Nine Tails CardCat O' Nine Tails Card
Kobold Leader CardKobold Leader Card
Kobold Archer CardKobold Archer Card
Cookie CardCookie Card
Quve CardQuve Card
Kraben CardKraben Card
Cramp CardCramp Card
Cruiser CardCruiser Card
Creamy Fear CardCreamy Fear Card
Clock CardClock Card
Chimera CardChimera Card