List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Dried YggdrasilberryDried Yggdrasilberry
Chocolate PieChocolate Pie
Fruit JuiceFruit Juice
Grilled Delicious SkewerGrilled Delicious SkewerYummy Skewered Dish
Grilled MushroomGrilled MushroomBaked Mushroom
Grilled SausagesGrilled SausagesGrilled Sausage
Concentrated White Potion ZConcentrated White Potion ZEnriched White PotionZ
Vitata 500Vitata 500Vitata500
Fresh Watermelon JuiceItem not in Pre-RenewalCold Watermelon Juice
Delicious JellyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Elixir of LifeElixir of Life
Guyak CandyGuyak Candy
Luxurious RuneLuxurious RuneQuality Rough Runestone
Ancient RuneAncient RuneAncient Rough Runestone
Mystic RuneMystic RuneMystic Rough Runestone
General RuneGeneral RuneGeneral Rough Runestone
Rare RuneRare RuneRare Rough Runestone
Big BunBig Bun
Superb Fish SliceSuperb Fish Slice
Fried Grasshopper LegsFried Grasshopper Legs
Seasoned Sticky WebfootSeasoned Sticky Webfoot
Bomber SteakBomber Steak
Grape Juice Herbal TeaGrape Juice Herbal Tea
Autumn Red TeaAutumn Red Tea
Honey Herbal TeaHoney Herbal Tea
Steamed Crab NippersSteamed Crab Nippers
Assorted SeafoodAssorted Seafood