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14th Year of RO

Once again it's the time of the year for holiday and celebration. It was once upon a time during Christmas holiday RO came into my life, that was about 13 years ago when my friend introduced me to the iRO open beta. I am sure many of you have a similar story to tell, the RO spirit is too strong during Christmas time.

Sometimes I read player reviews and I see that people said they have been playing the game for 10 to 15 years. It always give me that unbelievable feeling that RO have gotten this far and never stopping. We must thank the Ragnarok community for keeping the game always a fun place to play and chill. We all deserve a pat on the back for what Ragnarok Online is today. It doesn't matter how many more years to come, RO and RMS will still be here to keep the community going.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone reading this.

P.S. Hey our Facebook 'like' is over 11k now (although we don't have a Facebook page). Thanks everyone for supporting us.

Drop me a reply in the forum! By: yC
December 23th, 2014

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