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  Most Reviewed Servers This Week
1. Talis Ragnarok Online (15/71)50x50x25x99/70
2. LimitRO (11/70)100x100x25x175/60
3. ggRO (11/11)7x7x4x99/50
4. LeikaRO (7/7)15x15x10x175/60
5. Legend Ragnarok Online (5/5)8000x8000x5000x255/100

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RMS Going into 2014

Hello guys and girls, it's the holiday season again. I hope everything is fine throughout the year and it will be a wonderful 2014 for you all. As for Ragnarok and RMS, of course we are still going strong and advancing. Well, I don't have a new holiday theme for the site this time, unless you want to see the one from last year. I guess we'll be staying with the snow theme and have a peaceful Christmas holiday.

Going into 2014, surely I will keep working on bringing the latest update to everyone playing RO. What I wish is there will be more quality and long lasting servers that the community can enjoy. It's always sad to take down listings of servers that looked like they are full of potential yet didn't get far enough to gain the attraction. As always being told in the forum, do not start a server if you don't have the commitment for it. It's not just another server, people do spend their time on it and closing it means wasting their time.

Anyway, that's just my little QQ of the year. I represent RMS and our staff to wish you all a Merry Christmas plus a Happy New Year.

Drop me a reply in the forum! By: yC
December 17th, 2013

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