List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Transformation Scroll(Deviruchi)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Raydric)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Mavka)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Marduk)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Banshee)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Poring)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Transformation Scroll(Golem)Item not in Pre-Renewal
Grovel BuffItem not in Pre-Renewal
Thai Perfume MATKItem not in Pre-RenewalThai Perfume(MATK)
Thai Perfume ATKItem not in Pre-RenewalThai Perfume(ATK)
Thai Perfume ASPDItem not in Pre-RenewalThai Perfume(ASPD)
Thai Perfume CASTItem not in Pre-RenewalThai Perfume(CAST)
Beast PowderItem not in Pre-Renewal
99lv Battle ManualItem not in Pre-Renewal
Start New BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalNew Beginning Box
Lucky Egg C10Item not in Pre-RenewalSafe to 7 Chance Box
God Material BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
WoE Weapon Supply BoxItem not in Pre-Renewal
Siege Violet Potion BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalWoE Violet Potion Box
Siege Arrow Quiver SItem not in Pre-RenewalWoE Arrow Quiver S
Siege Arrow Quiver AItem not in Pre-RenewalWoE Arrow Quiver A
Siege White Potion BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalWoE White Potion Box
Siege Blue Potion BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalWoE Blue Potion Box
Nestea LemonItem not in Pre-RenewalLemon Nestea
Nestea Black TeaItem not in Pre-RenewalBlack Nestea
Siege Violet Potion Box (200)Item not in Pre-RenewalWoE Violet Potion Box200
ASPD PotionItem not in Pre-RenewalASPD Intensifying Potion
Gryphon Egg ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
Str Dish20Item not in Pre-Renewal
Int Dish20Item not in Pre-Renewal