RO Map Database Index: n

nameless_i - Nameless Island
nameless_in - Inside Nameless Island
nameless_n - Nameless Island
new_zone01 - Training Ground
new_zone02 - Training Ground
new_zone03 - Training Ground
new_zone04 - Training Ground
nguild_alde - Novice Guild Al De Baran
nguild_gef - Novice Guild Geffen
nguild_pay - Novice Guild Payon
nguild_prt - Novice Guild Prontera
niflheim - Nifflheim, Realm of the Dead
nif_fild01 - Skellington, a Solitary Village in Nifflheim
nif_fild02 - Vally of Gyoll
nif_in - Inside Niflheim
nyd_dun01 - Nidhogg's Dungeon Lv 1 (Yggdrasil Root)
nyd_dun02 - Nidhogg's Dungeon Lv 2 (Yggdrasil Root)
n_castle - Novice Castle

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