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Professor Celia (Re-Stats)   (G_CELIA)   Mob-ID#2230
On Maps Elements
HP 1847804
Level 160
Race Demi-Human
Property Ghost 4
Size Medium
Hit(100%) 370
Flee(95%) 434 Base Experience 18000
Walk Speed Fast Job Experience 10000
Atk Delay 1.15s
Attack 1612-2256 Base Exp Per HP 0.01:1
Def 201 Job Exp Per HP 0.005:1
Magic Def 543 Delay After Hit Very Short
Atk Range 1 cells Str 165 Int 236
Spell Range 10 cells Agi 190 Dex 199
Sight Range 12 cells Vit 142 Luk 93
Not found on any map. This monster might be:
1) not implemented yet,
2) used in quests, or
3) summoned as slave by other monsters.
- Aggressive
- Cast Sensor (Idle)
- Cast Sensor (Chase)
- Change Chase
- Change Target (Attack)
- Change Target (Chase)
- Immune to knockback
- Detector
- Immune to Status Change
- Boss Type Immunity to Skills
Neutral 0%
Water 100%
Earth 100%
Fire 100%
Wind 100%
Poison 25%
Holy 100%
Shadow 100%
Ghost 200%
Undead 100%

Old Purple Box (0.1%) Bradium (1%)
Monster Skills
Sight [Lv1] Safety Wall [Lv10] Soul Strike [Lv20] Cold Bolt [Lv10]
Frost Diver [Lv10] Fire Ball [Lv20] Fire Wall [Lv10] Fire Bolt [Lv10]
Lightning Bolt [Lv10] Thunder Storm [Lv15] Meteor Storm [Lv1] Earth Spike [Lv5]
Heaven's Drive [Lv5] Suicide bombing [Lv 1] Land Protector [Lv1] Dispell [Lv5]
Soul Burn [Lv5] Mind Breaker [Lv5] Spider Web [Lv1]